What Netanyahu’s new ‘hate machine’ has in store for Palestinians in 2023 + Launch of UK-based One Democratic Palestine

What Netanyahu’s new ‘hate machine’ has in store for Palestinians in 2023 | Stuart Littlewood | Redress Information & Analysis | 7 Jan 2023

It plans to create “a state designed for one group alone and built on the conquest and dispossession of others”, putting the very existence of Palestinians in immediate peril!

Netanyahu's hate machine

Wishing my friends in Palestine a happy New Year sounded so phoney, knowing how the fates have conspired to make 2023 perhaps the worst yet as their homeland continues to be cruelly occupied, plundered and stolen by sick-minded foreign thugs while the equally sick-minded members of the international community twiddle their thumbs.

How disgraceful that native Palestinians are faced with yet another lunatic occupying government cobbled together by Binyamin Netanyahu [real name: Benjamin Mileikowsky] and this time including crazed, criminal retards like Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir. The loathsome trio stated in advance their intention to get even nastier (if that were possible) with the rightful dwellers in this land.

So here’s a new regime led again by Mileikowsky whose East European family adopted the more Hebrew-sounding surname Netanyahu, meaning ‘God has given’. He is one of so many with a fake name to fool everyone into thinking their ancestral roots are in the Holy Land.

Netanyahu is a man desperately dodging corruption charges and hoping high office will keep him out of jail, a man wanted for crimes against humanity who should be dragged in chains in front of the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

As long ago as 2015, he felt untouchable enough to announce that if he was returned to power, a Palestinian state would not be established because handing back stolen territory threatens Israel’s security.

And in August 2017 he said that Israel would hang on to the West Bank permanently and there would be no more uprooting of squatter ‘settlements’: “We are here to stay forever… This is the inheritance of our ancestors. This is our land.” Which of course is a lie. The true inheritors are the Palestinian people who have been there since Jerusalem was a Canaanite city. Few, if any, in Netanyahu’s government have ancestral links to the Holy Land, so their claim to it is false.

Who are the Israeli extremists who will effectively control Palestinian lives from now on?

Bezalel Smotrich

Bezalel Smotrich is an Israeli lawyer born in a religious Israeli ‘settlement’, or squat, in the illegally occupied Golan Heights, which actually belong to Syria. He grew up in another squat in the West Bank and now lives in yet another. That makes him a three-times war criminal, at least. For a lawyer, he shows scant respect for the law. His ancestral links are with Ukraine.

Smotrich has advocated a shoot-to-kill policy against Palestinians (mostly youths) throwing stones when confronting the occupying Israeli military. He is said to have also played a key role in Israeli legislation to legalise the annexation of Palestinian lands and a law banning advocates of BDS (the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement) from visiting Israel. He has long urged Israeli annexation of the West Bank, defended squatter violence against Palestinians, and recently produced his masterpiece, the Subjugation Plan.

Itamar Ben-Gvir

Itamar Ben-Gvir’s grandparents were Kurdish/Iraqi Jewish immigrants. He belonged to a youth movement that was branded a terrorist organisation and outlawed even by the Israeli government, and he avoided military service with the Israeli army because of his extreme-right political background, a useful wheeze adopted by cowards to escape their national duty.

A lawyer with a long criminal record himself, he too lives in an illegal squat on the outskirts of Hebron, so is also a war criminal. He used to have a photo of Baruch Goldstein, who massacred 29 Muslims at the Cave of the Patriarchs in 1994, hanging in his home.

These two, with no ancestral links themselves to ancient Israel, will be ordering Palestinians around in their own homeland and, we can be sure, making their lives a living hell with the full backing of the racist occupying power.

Ben Gvir wasted no time. Within days of taking office he and his gruesome entourage were strutting around the Al-Aqsa mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, in a provocative move that was condemned far and wide as incitement to violence. The visit, or raid as some call it, coincided with a quiet time and lasted only 13 minutes, revealing this loony’s nervousness at his own foolishness.

Jeff Halper, who kindly penned the Foreword to my book Radio Free Palestine, gives us an insider’s view on the new situation in a piece ,“The Zionist Cossacks Have Been Released on the Palestinians”.

Benjamin Netanyahu, due to return as Israel’s prime minister within the next few days, has one overriding concern: evading conviction and possible imprisonment in the three corruption cases for which he is currently being tried. After last month’s election in which the fascist settler party Religious Zionism won 15 seats – absolutely critical if Netanyahu is to set up a coalition government – he entered into a Devil’s Deal that has shaken even members of his own Likud Party. In return for helping to pass legislation to “reform” the judicial system, including legislation that would annul Netanyahu’s trial and invalidate the ability of the Supreme Court to override the overtly illegal reforms Netanyahu needs, he has agreed to give virtually unchecked power to the settlers to complete their eviction of the Palestinians from Area C, the 62 per cent of the West Bank controlled by Israel in which the settlements are located, and to employ the army, police, militias and the prison service to violently repress any Palestinian resistance.

To save his own skin, Netanyahu has done exactly what Russian Tsar Alexander III did in the 1880s. Just as the Tsar handed over his country’s Jewish population to the murderous and anti-Semitic Cossacks, which initiated 20 years of pogroms that killed thousands and drove millions of Jews westward, so too has Netanyahu done so by handing over the fate of the Palestinians to murderous settlers dedicated to driving them out of the ‘Land of Israel’, taking their lands – and not hesitating for a second to kill as many as necessary in the process.

Jeff Halper is an American-Israeli Jew living in Jerusalem. He is Director of ICAHD (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) and promotes the idea of a One Democratic State. He’s also living proof that not all Jews are Zionists and was nominated, together with Palestinian intellectual Ghassan Andoni, for the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work “to liberate both the Palestinian and the Israeli people from the yoke of structural violence” and “to build equality between their people by recognising and celebrating their common humanity”. Precious little humanity is being shown by the Israeli side these days, however.

Palestinians are ‘interlopers’ in their own homeland?

So, after decades of cruel oppression, Palestinians end a murderous 2022 (in which over 150 of them were killed, including 33 innocent children) and begin 2023 menaced once again by this maniac Netanyahu.

Marwan Bishara writing in AlJazeera, tells how warnings about Israel “heading toward a fascist theocracy” and “sleep-walking into Jewish fascism” have multiplied. As for the Arab regimes which congratulated Netanyahu on another election victory, he says: “I can’t quite find an appropriate word.”

Through their wonky upside-down lens, Israel’s far-right fanatics view the Palestinians as interlopers in their promised land.

Indeed, the new Netanyahu-led government vehemently opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state, supports the expansion of illegal Jewish settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories, strives to annex part if not all of the West Bank, and denies equality to the native Palestinian minority in the Jewish State. It will demand that the Palestinians admit their historic defeat and recognise the Jews’ exclusive ownership of the country in order to live in peace.

Bishara writes that Netanyahu’s new extremist partners “have agreed to use their parliamentary majority to curtail the role of the judicial branch and end the Supreme Court’s oversight over the Knesset. This will not only allow Netanyahu to tighten his grip over the country, but also help him escape legal accountability following his indictment on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust”.

And Lawrence Davidson provides a useful summing-up

What you now see so publicly demonstrated is, and always has been, Zionist Israel’s true culture and character – a state designed for one group alone and built on the conquest and dispossession of others… And the cost? It is to be understood not only in terms of Palestinian rights, but also the very essence of Judaism, both of which are being destroyed simultaneously.

Meanwhile, Israel’s brutal regime with its obscene policies continues to be admired – even idolised – by our apartheid-loving Conservative government which keeps telling us it shares its values. Incredible.

UN protection needed for Palestinians?

Halper is so worried that he is urging for the UN to deploy a Protection Force in the OPT (Occupied Palestinian Territories), something the Palestinian Authority previously called for. “Israel opposes that, of course, wanting a free hand to Judaise the West Bank. And, indeed, every time a resolution to establish such a force has been brought before the Security Council, the US has vetoed it.

This is the time, in my view, that every Palestinian support group in the world should set aside the important campaigns they are pursuing in order to focus on this most urgent need: establishing a UN Protection Force for a Palestinian population whose very existence is in immediate peril.

As if to confirm this fear, just as I was finishing up I spotted a report in Middle East Eye about Zvika Fogel, an MP with Ben-Gvir’s ultra-nationalist Jewish Power party and clearly unhinged, saying in an interview that Israel’s policy of going to war with Palestinians every two or three years wasn’t enough and that it should “subdue them once and for all”.

“We are too merciful,” he said. “It’s time for us to stop being so… If it is one Israeli mother crying, or a thousand Palestinian mothers crying, then a thousand Palestinian mothers will cry. It has nothing to do with racism.”


Launch of UK-based One Democratic Palestine | Pete Gregson | Redress Information & Analysis | 7 Jan 2023

Pete Gregson writes:

The Campaign Against Bogus Antisemitism has changed its name to One Democratic Palestine. The change springs from a desire to do more for the Palestinian people than campaign purely against the misinformation and slander at which the Zionists excel. We want to focus on supporting a single-state solution for Palestine that reflects the reality that the two-state option is dead.

There is no other UK organisation that we know of that is committed to seeing the end of [Zionist] Israel – but surveys show that this is what the majority of Palestinians want. Palestinian support groups in the UK such as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) are aligned with the Palestine Authority (PA), which has chosen to recognise Israel and therefore de facto they support a two-state solution.

Furthermore, all major UK political parties favour the two-state option; even Israel has said, until recently, that it works towards this. But since the Oslo Accords of the mid-90s, when the Palestine Liberation Organisation moved to recognise Israel in return for the promise of a state for the Palestinians, Israel has worked to prevent such a thing.

One Democratic Palestine favours the peaceful dissolution of the settler colony that is Israel, leading to new single-state of Palestine where all citizens are equal – Jews, Arabs and Christians – where all have equal voting rights, and where UN Resolution 194 on the right to return is honoured.

We are clear that we are not calling for a ‘fatwa’ on Jews, even if they are Zionist Jews. We need to get our MPs in Westminster to start reflecting the view that there is little support for Israel in the UK; our government must recognise a single-state solution as the only realistic one. Many MPs privately realise that the two-state solution is dead; Israel has killed it.

For decades the UK and the US have pushed for – and failed to broker – a two-state solution where Israel and Palestine exist as separate countries. Now the only solution is Israel’s dissolution, as that illegal state will never willingly give up an inch of the land it has stolen. Israel has made any other kind of peace impossible. Palestinians numerically equal Zionists in the land that Israel governs, yet most of them have no vote. Israel falsely calls itself a democracy while excluding so many non-Jews from power.

Survey results in May 2022 show that 33 per cent of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank wanted a single state. However, when the views of the wider diaspora of Palestinians are included, there is a clear majority in favour of a single state: a democratic secular state of Palestine, from the river to the sea.

We at One Democratic Palestine will support Palestinians in this campaign. The UK, as the mother of Israel, bears the greatest responsibility for righting the wrongs of the past 100 years in Palestine.

We must do that by now calling for the dissolution of Israel, which is born from our anti-Semitism and our imperial desire for a colonial outpost in the heart of Arabia. Israel pays the greatest heed to what the UK thinks; we must now exploit that respect by telling our racist colony that its time is over.

We align ourselves to the One Democratic State Campaign, whose manifesto (see www.onestatecampaign.org/all/en-manifesto ) contends:

that the only way to achieve justice and permanent peace is dismantling the colonial apartheid regime in historic Palestine and the establishment of a new political system based on full civil equality, and on full implementation of the Palestinian refugees’ Right of Return, and the building of the required mechanisms to correct the historical grievances of the Palestinian people as a result of the Zionist colonialist project.

The new website for One Democratic Palestine is at www.onepalestine.land The current pages relating to all aspects of the campaign against bogus anti-Semitism will remain: our Policies; Israel & Palestine Explained; Our UK Politicians – Where They Stand; the IHRA [International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Definition of Antisemitism and Labour, and so on.

The “Muslim & Jew on Tour: Beyond Israel”, scheduled to visit all UK cities from late April, will help promote our new focus and encourage more UK citizens to recognise the way forward for Palestine.

For more information, please contact:


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