Teaching Children to Hate


In such cases, parents need to protect their children from harm at the hands of the other parent while helping the children understand why they need such protection. It does not help children to believe that they share the genes of a worthless parent who has no redeeming assets. In many cases, children benefit by thinking that a parent who falls short in the child-rearing department is more to be pitied than scorned.

Back to the parents in our two divorce scenarios, situations where we feel wronged by a partner but that do not involve violence or serious mistreatment of the children. The first error is to place all the blame on the partner and fail to acknowledge our own contributions to the problems. The second error is bringing the kids into the middle. Encouraging them to blame the other parent for the stresses set in motion by the separation. Drawing the children into an alliance with you against the other parent.

Divorce is difficult enough for children. Parents compound the problem when they poison their children’s relationship with the other parent. Feeling emotionally wounded or furious with your ex is understandable. Using your children to satisfy your desire to be seen as the better parent, or to exact revenge, is cruel. Do right by your kids and resist the temptation to trash or humiliate your ex. Find other ways to shore up your self-esteem and cope with your anger while honoring your responsibility to protect your children from unnecessary harm. Children have the right to give and receive love from two parents.


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Millionaire tycoon Nizami Piriyev linked to former prime minister Tony Blair arrested

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“Businessman Nizami Piriyev has been imprisoned for almost four months ahead of a trial at a later date and stands accused of ‘fraud and embezzlement of public property‘.

Blair-Nizami PiriyevBlair & Nizami Piriyev – Pic Courtesy Daily Express.

The millionaire reportedly paid for the ex-Prime Minister and Labour leader to fly to his native Azerbaijan in 2009 to open a gas plant.

During the visit, Mr Blair was photographed at a press conference sitting between Mr Piriyev, 57, and his son, Nasib.  The tycoon’s son – and chief executive of the gas firm – said his company had “covered” Mr Blair’s expenses for the trip.”  http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/578709/Millionaire-tycoon-linked-Tony-Blair-arrested-Azerbaijan

GW:  Yep this is what Nu-Labour is all about – unprincipled greed!

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can’t explain


can’t explain  is an invaluable resource for all parents going through difficult times associated with family breakdown, separation and divorce. it describes the strange, desperately emotional and terrifying events that unfold following an acrimonious marriage break-up. regrettably it’s too late for this father-daughter relationship when he realises he has been a victim of parental alienation and wakes up to its dreadful consequences. please don’t let it happen to you or your child!


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Strike on David Cameron’s doorstep as No10 gardeners announce first walkout in 37 years

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no 10 in bloomhttps://www.flickr.com/photos/downingstreet/2735949564/

Dan Bloom – You kidding me?

“Strikes have reached David Cameron’s doorstep as the Number 10 gardeners go on their first walkout in 37 years.  Downing Street staff will walk out for 12 hours over a pay wrangle – and complain some of them aren’t being paid the £9.15-an-hour London living wage.

The famous garden’s maintenance contract was handed over to a private firm a year ago, and groundsmen are now angry at the company’s pay plans.

It follows a planned bank holiday strike by Network Rail staff which has now reached the High Court.”  http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/strike-david-camerons-doorstep-no10-5727749#ICID=sharebar_twitter

Thanks to NLAT for the link.

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Area Around Fukushima Is Now A Radioactive Wasteland That Will Be Uninhabitable For Decades

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By David Gutierrez – Natural News

(NaturalNews) A foreign correspondent whose career consists of traveling to dangerous regions around the world has called the area around Fukushima, Japan, one of the most hopeless places he has ever visited, likening it to a “post apocalyptic ghost town.”

“I have seen abandoned villages before; most times there is a sense of finality to them,” writes Arglit Boonyai, host of the weekly Channel NewsAsia show Danger Zone. “It is as though the town’s time is up and the people have moved on. Fukushima is nothing like that. It’s like time just stopped.”

Danger Zone
is a show about Boonyai’s visits to some of the world’s most dangerous places in order to try to understand of how ordinary people cope with living there. In addition to Fukushima

Continue reading at Natural News: Area Around Fukushima Is Now A Radioactive Wasteland That Will…

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French UN Resolution Sets 18-Month Deadline For Palestine-Israel deal

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French UN resolution sets 18-month deadline for Israeli-Palestinian deal

The resolution will only be submitted after the June 30 Iran deal deadline; if no agreement is reached, France will recognize the Palestinian state, the report says.

A draft of the proposed French United Nations Security Council resolution on the Israel-Palestinian conflict was published by the French newspaper Le Figaro on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, the draft resolution, which is being promoted by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, calls for the immediate resumption of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and their conclusion in a permanent agreement within 18 months.

If no agreement is reached in the allotted time, France will recognize the Palestinian state, according to Le Figaro.

The draft has been circulated by the French Foreign Ministry to the Arab League and UN Security Council members such as Britain and Spain.

Fabius set the relatively short…

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The Tories Counter Extremism Bill Amounts to Religious Persecution of Muslims


Shameless Camoron and the scaremongers chart a course from post-war multiculturalism to police-state monoculturalism. The empire which once ruled the waves now just waives the rules – bravo!

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DavidCameronCrosspost By: Jahangir Mohammed

Just before the General Election, we had the Counter Terrorism and Security Act – a whole raft of new laws targeting Muslims. This included mass surveillance of the Muslim community through a Prevent duty imposed on most public servants. Public sector workers are now to be turned into ideological crusaders against Muslims, helping to identify the enemy within, those with bad ideas and values.

As a young lecturer, I used to teach the development of British social policy. This policy will destroy the very essence of the British tradition of public services, which took great social and political reformers over a century to nurture. These services were meant to be for all those who need them, free from political and value judgements.

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Malcolm X Matters: Icon’s Words Still Ring True | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


“We can never get civil rights in America until our human rights are first restored. We will never be recognized as citizens there until we are first recognized as humans. … The American “system” (political, economic and social) was produced from the enslavement of the black man, and this present “system” is capable only of perpetuating that enslavement.” ~ Malcolm X, 1964.

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File:Malcolm X NYWTS 3.jpgMalcolm didn’t tiptoe around diagnosing the illness of white supremacy or pointing out its symptoms in the form of religious terrorism and police brutality. He boldly declared that systemic racism is not baseless conjecture; rather, it is a deeply embedded statement of fact that provides the framework for the United States of America.

Malcolm X loved black people and hated white racism. Today, as dead black bodies continue to fall in U.S. streets from Ohio to New York, a booming prison-industrial complex continues to scour street corners for prey and a corrupt political system continues to placate black citizens with a blurry carbon copy of equality, his words in a 1964 letter to the Egyptian Gazette still ring true:

We can never get civil rights in America until our human rights are first restored. We will never be recognized as citizens there until we are first recognized as humans. ……

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FRANCE(Paris): ‘ Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist is leaving a job as reporting after colleagues died is too much to bear reports ‘


I often wonder about the extent of false western privilege. Where’s the concomitant right to quit for the thousands of bereaved and displaced refugee relatives of innocent victims of Western wars of aggression?

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#AceNewsReport – France(Paris):May.19: Cartoonist Luz, who drew Charlie Hebdo’s front cover following the massacre in January, is leaving the satirical weekly, CNN reported.

The job without his slain colleagues has become “too much to bear,” Renald Luzier said.

“Each issue is torture because the others are gone,” the cartoonist told Liberation, referring to his colleagues killed on January 7.

Luz penned the magazine’s first cover image a week after attacks.

Ace Related News:

#CharlieHebdo Timeline



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