“Give me a child until age seven and I’ll…” ensure all rebellious notions are eradicated


Occupy London (St Paul’s Cathedral, 2011)

The UK Joint Committee on Human Rights has issued a damning indictment on the Tory Government’s flagship Counter-Extremism Bill, arguing that the provisions in the bill are entirely unnecessary and even dangerous. If the bill was enacted by Parliament, free speech would be eroded to the extent that many education institutions would be fearful of bringing up and discussing a range of topics. The bill complements the Government’s much-criticised Prevent strategy (see documents below). This strategy is aimed at all sectors of society and at people of all ages. Controversially, however, the Prevent programme also targets children even of nursery school age. It is able to do this because the programme dovetails into the  much-needed Safeguarding Children programme, which primarily seeks to identify sexual predators and to stop bullying.

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Confused about what “best interests of the child” means?

“There is an answer–a very disturbing one if you’re a parent or a child entrusting your or your family’s future to a legal system that admits it’s mostly broken and often enormously harmful to parents and children.
Yet despite their abundant confession that a “best interests determination” is impossibly complex, witness each speaker go on to explain “but here’s how I do it . . . ”

We start thinking we’re good at it, and that can be very seductive … but it’s very dangerous.”

Civil Rights in Family Law Florida

…so are judges, attorneys, and especially psychologists. So don’t worry, you’re not alone…

“Best Interests of the Child”
– Fact or Lyrical Poetry?

Family Court Professionals Disclose the Truth – Weightier Matter

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  So are judges, attorneys, and especially psychologists.

AFCC_Tampa_Brochure_2006-3-1At AFCC’s 2006 national conference in Tampa, FL, family court professionals gathered to discuss whether “family” or “parents’” rights were compatible with the “best interests of the child” standard.  But in comparing “rights” to “best interests,” the discussion took an unexpected turn to a more fundamental question:

What does “best interests” really mean?

Does it take a Ph.D. to know the answer?

Do judges know any better than lawyers, psychologists, or parents themselves?

Does anyone really know what “bests interests” means and how to determine it for any child or family?

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Research Brief: Reframing Race and Policing az a Public Health Issue

“Gilbert and Ray use a framework they refer to as Public Health Critical Race Praxis (PHCRP) to question how justifiable homicides affect Black men continue to occur with such alarming frequency. These researchers use PHCRP to argue that the excessive use of force applied to Black men during encounters with law enforcement should be seen as a public health challenge. The PHCRP framework advocates for health equity with theories and methods drawn from critical race and public health scholarship. PHCRP has several principles based on its four focal areas:

1. Contemporary patterns of racial relations
2. Knowledge production
3. Conceptualization and measurement
4. Action”

Moorbey'z Blog

by Melissa Brown

The policing and criminalization of Black men in America has several origins: the prison industrial complex, socially sanctioned lynching, stop and frisk, and zero tolerance, as Keon L. Gilbert and Rashawn Ray  point out in their recent article in Journal of Urban Health. This graphic illustrates some of the key ideas in their research.

Gilbert and Ray on race and policing as a public health issueDownload this infographic as a PDF.

Gilbert and Ray use a framework they refer to as Public Health Critical Race Praxis (PHCRP) to question how justifiable homicides affect Black men continue to occur with such alarming frequency. These researchers use PHCRP to argue that the excessive use of force applied to Black men during encounters with law enforcement should be seen as a public health challenge.  The PHCRP framework advocates for health equity with theories and methods drawn from critical race and public health scholarship. PHCRP has several principles based on its four focal…

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Like I care – anonymous defamation on the internet

“In my judgment, given the popularity of the website and the vile and offensive publications thereon, and the need for vindication, it is appropriate to make an order in the sum of £10,000. I will, however, in order to enable the Defendant to have a chance to put his side of the case on quantum, include as part of the order a liberty on the part of the Defendant to apply to vary the quantification if he considers that it is excessive or otherwise unjustified. The Defendant will have 14 days in which to lodge an application with the High Court for variation of that part of the order. If no such application is made within 14 days, then the sum of £10,000 will remain definitive. In this way, in my judgment, the interests of the Defendant are adequately protected. Any such application must however adhere to the normal procedural rules. It cannot be anonymous. The true name and address of the Defendant must be provided.
I am also satisfied that the pleaded allegations establish a case for the grant of injunctive relief against the Defendants. The Defendant has deliberately declined to participate in any process whereby the offending material was removed from the website. There is reason to believe that the Defendant would, unless enjoined, persist in the offensive campaign against the Claimant. In coming to this conclusion I have regard, as I have already observed, to section 12 of the Human Rights Act. The injunctions are prohibitory and mandatory. I have considered whether it is appropriate to grant relief in both forms. On the facts of this case I am satisfied that it is.”


I don’t write about Queen Bench Division cases very often (not least because I usually can’t understand a single word of them), but this one seemed pertinent.

It relates to a McKenzie Friend operating in the family Court sphere,  who is also a blogger. And a satirical website that took a disliking to him.  It also relates to whether anonymity is a thick shield or a flimsy one in a defamation case.

Smith v Unknown Defendant Pseudonym ‘Likeicare’ and Others 2016


  • There is before the Court today an application for default and summary judgment against the Second Defendant. The Claimant is a former borough councillor in Welwyn, Hatfield. He is active as a McKenzie friend. The Defendants are, so the Claimant asserts, users and operators of the website EncyclopediaDramatica.se (ED). ED is a satirical website which uses the Wiki software. The site is, to put it mildly, controversial and…

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Western Hypocrisy over Turkey’s Crisis

“Whilst US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that if Turkey does not “uphold the rule of law”, it could fall foul of NATO’s “requirement with respect to democracy”, Britain, a NATO member, has welcomed Sisi, strengthening her security cooperation with the autocratic regime.

Simply put, there is no moral authority for the West to be lecturing other nations on how to respond to an internal crisis.

What is the implication of this article? Is it that President Erdoğan should be given a carte blanche to do whatever he pleases?

Of course not. My position is universal, and applicable to all countries, be it ostensibly Muslim, or secular liberal. “


Turkey coup

Watching the events unfold in Turkey surfaced hypocritical Western attitudes.

As I sat watching Sky News on the night 15th of July, Western commentators were brought in to give their “expert” analysis on what was to be a failed coup d’état by a faction within the military. The reporter clarified that the military had enforced a curfew and urged the citizens to remain in doors.  Soon after, the news channel aired a local report depicting a seemingly beleaguered Turkish president addressing the nation through Apple’s Facetime, calling on the people to come out into the streets and protest the military coup.   President Recep Tayyib Erdoğan addressed the nation again, this time in person and in front of his hotel, to address the nation in person in front of news crews, again calling on the people to hit the streets.

All the while, the commentary from the spin-doctor “experts” was…

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Pathology Markers in Case I Leave

“But right now, the goal is simply to move from abject professional incompetence to just basic professional competence.

I’m over 60 years old and have already had one stroke. Hopefully, I’ll be around for another decade or so, but perhaps I could leave tomorrow. There is a lot about this pathology that I know but am not sharing because it’s too far beyond where everyone is right now. I’m waiting for mental health professionals to catch up to the most basic constructs of the cross-generational coalition with a narcissistic/(borderline) parent and the addition of the splitting pathology to the coalition, and to the trans-generational transmission of attachment trauma in the schema pattern of “abusive parent”/”victimized child”/”protective parent” (contained in the internal working models – schemas – of the attachment system).”

Dr Craig Childress: Attachment-Based "Parental Alienation"

My current focus is on the battle to solve “parental alienation” by establishing professional competence throughout mental health.  The extent of profound professional ignorance and incompetence in mental health surrounding the pathology commonly called “parental alienation” is astounding.

In this post, however, I want to take a step to the side for a moment to place “pathology-markers” down that can serve as guides for other mental health professionals to follow in unraveling the pathology of attachment-based “parental alienation” (AB-PA).  Once we’ve solved the pathology of “parental alienation,” once all of the children are returned to their loving and authentic parents targeted by this horrific pathology, once we’re able to prevent “parental alienation” within the first six months when it emerges, then I’ll hopefully have time to walk more fully down the paths of these pathology-markers.  But for right now, I just want to set the markers, because right now the…

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Dick Cheney Should Be Tried as a War Criminal: Former International Court judge — Friends of Syria — Johnsono ne’Blog’as

By Travis Gettys The world’s most distinguished expert in international human rights law believes Dick Cheney should – and eventually will – stand trial for war crimes. Thomas Buergenthal, who served as a judge at the International Court of Justice for the first 10 years of this century, said he believes the former U.S. vice […] […]

via Dick Cheney Should Be Tried as a War Criminal: Former International Court judge — Friends of Syria — Johnsono ne’Blog’as

Theresa May: From one Israel Proxy Leader to Another

“Peter Oborne reminds us of the reckless approach May took in having Sheik Raed Salah’s entry blocked into the UK. His attempted ban and subsequent subjection to a control order, was found to be at the behest of the Zionist Community Security Trust. Oborne notes that May had been “under a misapprehension of the facts,” and made no attempt “to balance its advice with a judgment from any Muslim or Palestinian organisation.” In a speech to Britain’s largest Zionist youth movement, Bneir Akiva, last year, she stated that she was “proud” to “fix” the “problem” of universal jurisdiction law – a law which is designed to hold potential war criminals to account.

This carefree attitude towards Muslims and slavish appeasement of Zionist activism was exemplified further with the discriminatory inquiry into Shari’ah arbitration, with May providing assurances to the Board of Deputies of British Jews that no such inquiry would be made into Jewish Beth Din courts. “



Muslims have been understandably expressing consternation at Theresa May becoming prime minister. Whilst the sacking of Michael Gove has brought delight, her appointment of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary is being seen as deeply worrying given Rudd’s policy council membership of the notorious hate-funded Henry Jackson Society. No doubt we will be seeing a continuation of closed society, illiberal security policies in the name of liberalism and freedom, as Muslims remain the punch bag for anti-Muslim rhetoric. May is no friend of Muslims, with animosity towards Islam articulated through counter-extremism rhetoric.

As the Conservative prospective candidates demonstrated their reality by stabbing each other in the back, dropping low-blows about not having children, and employing Machiavellian tactics against each other for once, as the leadership came to a head, it was interesting to note the prominent voices which fell into line behind May.

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TURKEY & the ‘Failed Coup’: There Are 3 Possibilities For What Just Happened…

“However much the military is now purged and brought into line, there may still be enough sharp division forming in the military – just as in society – to propel Turkey closer to the Civil War scenario that many have been fearing for some time already.

As for what really happened yesterday in Turkey, more information will emerge in coming days: however, you may have to decide for yourself what you think this was – because information coming from the current Turkish state itself certainly can’t be trusted.

Also, it has to be said, watching these unsettling reports and images from Turkey, as tanks and soldiers took to the streets and tried to impose Martial Law, one can’t help but wonder if this is a glimpse of things to come in the West, given the mounting unrest and the fears of a collapsing EU.”

the burning blogger of bedlam


The dramatic events in Turkey overnight are confusing, to say the least. All international outlets report that part of the Turkish military attempted to carry out a coup and oust President Erdogan from power.

We are also told the coup appears to have failed, that Erdogan is safely resuming his presidency and that all the conspirators are to be punished – there is talk of the death penalty returning for the case of these plotters.

If you’re confused as to precisely what has transpired last night in Turkey, don’t worry – everyone appears to be equally confused.

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Coup in Turkey: Secularists vs Elections

“As Egypt, 1990s Turkey & Algeria and Gaza found out, whenever elections bring to power a government not fully to the Secularists liking, they annul the elections, ‘democracy’ and constitutional law. And if no one in the country opposes the elected government, then Western secular states sanction or pressure the country (like what occurred to Gaza). Other countries, like 1960s Iran and many South American countries during the cold war faced coups facilitated by direct Western intervention that led to the deposing of their elected governments, to be replaced with more pro-Western autocrats [1]).

Clearly we have seen throughout recent history, many Secularists believe people’s choices and elections only should be respected as long as they serve Secularism, not the other way round.

[1] ‘The Other 9/11: Before the 2001 terrorist attacks, Chile experienced its own Sept. 11 tragedy. Forty years later, Chileans are still divided over the legacy of that day’, Slate, 11th September 2013”

Abdullah al Andalusi

An attempted coup has taken place in Turkey. Military forces of a rebel faction have moved on Istanbul and Ankara (the official capital). Reports from Ankara say that the parliament building was surrounded and being bombarded by rebels, while the rebels in Istanbul blocked off the Bosphorus bridge, and a rebel helicopter attacked and killed loyalist police.

The rebel faction, during the first stages of the coup, had taken over a news centre, and broadcasted that they aimed to “reinstate constitutional order, human rights and freedoms”.

Despite this, the rebels in Istanbul have met resistance from police, special forces, other loyalist military (including jets) and a rebel helicopter was reportedly shot down by a loyalist jet in Istanbul.

The Mosques around Istanbul reportedly began sounding the Adhaan and urged the people to come onto the streets and oppose the rebels. Protestors poured onto on the streets to oppose any Army…

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