Treating alienation in children: it is therapy but not as most people know it.

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This week I have been working with children who are alienated as well as those who are experiencing transitional difficulties.  The difference is startling, giving us the opportunity to understand at a much deeper level, the ways in which living in separated family situations, creates pressures upon children which cause them to behave in very particular ways.

The very obvious difference between a child who is experiencing transitional difficulty and a child who is alienated is that the former is still able to spend time with both parents, whilst the latter cannot or will not or a combination of both.  Whilst a child who is transitioning between parents will display very obvious signs, the child who is alienated will display the eight signs observed originally by Gardener, which in my experience are stark and very clear when they are present.  Being able to differentiate between a child who is transitioning…

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The west normalised #racist #wars and thinks 1000lb bombs will solve #Syria and #Iraq!

The west normalised racist wars and thinks 1000lb bombs will solve Syria and Iraq ~ Frankie Boyle, Stop the War Coalition, 02 July 2015.

The United States record of invasions, assassinations and government overthrows is racist, says comedian Frankie Boyle.

Frankie Bsoyle

I SUPPOSE that whether this article prompted by the Charleston shootings feels topical enough will depend on whether America has another mass shooting before it goes to print.

If you’re in the US, there’s a fair chance it will seem dated because you are actually being gunned down as you read it, so I’ll try to get straight to the point.

It’s surely worth wondering whether it’s time to retire the flag that has for so long been a rallying point for racists and murderers, the stars and stripes.

There’s a genuine question to be asked here: what responsibility does the US state bear for the Charleston shootings when racist murder seems to be part of its policing strategy and most of its foreign policy?

Occasionally I wonder whether at some point in the past 100 years the US gave the rest of the world a safe word and we’ve simply forgotten it.

Or maybe we’re just saying it wrong (Aluminium? I’m sure you said it was aluminium …) Hillary Clinton has been speaking out against the “racist terrorism” of Dylann Roof despite being the architect of the US military intervention in Libya.

The US’s record of invasions, assassinations and government overthrows is racist, I think. Imagining that you can kill people and seize control of their resources without believing them to be inferior requires a certain amount of intellectual flexibility.

The same sort of intellectual flexibility that allows people to express grief for the migrants who drown in the Mediterranean and hatred for the ones who survive.

Part of the American mindset comes from the fact that the US was formed through the racist murder of indigenous people. The reason that whole country is such a horror story is that the entire thing is built on an Old Indian Graveyard.

I worry that perhaps white America wants to believe that its racial fault lines only run as deep as the Confederate flag. Hence the current uproar at names of southern civil-war generals being on street signs while the faces of slave owners are still on the currency.

Of course not everybody gets behind the US’s view of itself, which is why it is the world’s largest producer of propaganda. Last year’s biggest movie,American Sniper, was billed as the story of the US army’s deadliest soldier, which must have felt pretty galling for the guy who dropped the bomb on Hiroshima.

It was basically Star Wars from the point of view of one of the stormtroopers, and the director (Clint Eastwood – I’m not even joking) encouraged us to get behind the idea that you should take moral decisions when women and children are in your crosshairs, rather than long, long before.

You got the feeling that the clunky scene explaining that sniper Chris Kyle’s unit painted skulls on their gear as a tribute to the Punisher was necessary in case viewers made the more logical supposition that it was a tribute to the Waffen-SS.

There are many indicators of advanced civilisations, but unthinking hero worship of the military isn’t one of them. The US, like the UK, has been forced to move away from a conscription army and now has a mercenary army. It’s the reason you don’t get war poets any more.

Indeed, before Britain feels too superior, we should perhaps remember that Roof’s main problem here would have been feeling torn between quite a few of the main parties at the last election.

We live in a country where posting “Let’s riot or something bruv!” on Facebook will get you a couple of years in prison, while writing a column saying we should bomb Syria is practically an entrance exam for public intellectuals.

Of course, it’s never phrased as a plea to kill shepherds in pursuit of our geopolitical interests. By the time it hits the broadsheets, it’s a plea to arm moderate rebels (they’ve got a moderate vision of the country’s future and they’re going to kill until they get it!). It’s a humanitarian intervention. We’re not fighting wars for control of resources. We’re not the aggressor in countries such as Iraq, we’re actually defending Iraq. From the Iraqis. The most obvious anti-war argument that none of this has ever worked just doesn’t seem to come up.

Of course our governments are just trying to protect us from terror. In the same way that someone banging a hornets’ nest with a stick is trying to protect us from hornets.

Maybe I’ll even give them the benefit of the doubt and concede that they are just naive do-gooders trying to bring the world peace and stability through the medium of high explosives.

What gets me is that the new dirty word in the west is “radicalisation”, as if radical change wasn’t obviously needed; as if the status quo has any decency, or is even survivable.

It’s not actually difficult to see solutions to the US’s problems: children can do it, until we educate them out of it.

Internationally, I propose the radical step of not trying to solve complex political problems with 1,000lb bombs; domestically, I propose they start addressing inequality by paying reparations for slavery.

I’m well aware that in a society where war and discrimination are now almost entirely normalised, both options sound like madness.

Source: The Guardian

‘Radicalisation’ is our new dirty word in the US and UK, yet radical change is needed. Here’s an idea: stop trying to fix the world with high explosives

Is Gaza blockade breaking international law?

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VIDEO: Inside Story report, Aljazeera, 1 July 2015

Israel’s navy seizes an activists’ boat attempting to break a blockade of the Palestinian territory. It’s almost a year since Israel’s 50-day war on Gaza. The assault, dubbed Operation Protective Edge, added to the already desperate living conditions for the 1.8 million people living in the Palestinian territory. A UN report in August concluded that almost everyone in Gaza faced some urgent need for basic protection, healthcare, housing, food and water.

In a largely symbolic gesture, a converted trawler has tried to break an Israeli blockade of the coastal strip to deliver humanitarian aid. But the Marianne was boarded by the Israeli Navy on Monday, and the activists detained. On Inside Story: is Israel justified in maintaining its nine year blockade in the name of security, or are the continued restrictions in contravention of international law?

Presenter:Martine Dennis. Guests: Rami…

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Osborne and IDS conspire to kill social housing with ‘welfare’ changes says BBC

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The BBC report that the Chancellor is looking at killing off social housing or that is what the alleged proposals amount to.

  • Firstly, the BBC reports that the benefit cap is set to be reduced to £20,000 per year outside of London and the South East
  • Secondly that housing benefit will see a 10% across the board cut for all (?) tenants in social and privately rented housing.

The BBC then quotes the IFS think tank with regards to possible savings this will have as part of the £12 billion ‘welfare’ bill and as usual gets these wrong…unless of course Osborne plans to cut 10% of housing benefit to pensioners which I strongly doubt.

I discuss each of these alleged proposals below and in turn and I say alleged as every day Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all and now Auntie to speculate as to where the ethereal £12 billion per…

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Freedom Flotilla: ‘Tasering my friend Charlie was an act of terrorism’

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By Richard Sudan | RT | July 1, 2015

Despite the Israeli authorities’ claims that the seizure of a Freedom Flotilla boat was ‘uneventful’, footage has emerged that indicated that they tasered a Swedish aid worker.

The boats making up Freedom Flotilla 3 (FF3) have been prevented from reaching the besieged people of Gaza and deliver humanitarian aid. The flotilla’s flagship Marianne was boarded by the Israeli military and taken to the Israeli port of Ashdod earlier in the week. By now, some of the crew members have been released, while others remain detained.

Meanwhile, the boat I was meant to be on has not yet left a Greek port. It will head to Gaza at some point. I have been asked not to publish the details. But we will go.

The Israeli authorities claim that their soldiers were ‘non-violent’ as they took over the Marianne, which amounted to an…

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Alienator Personality Disorders: Dysfunctional Parents Are Abusive


Stockholm Syndrome.
“The missing piece is an explanation of exactly how the alienator personality successfully conditions children to become tools of his abuse. What are the mechanisms used to cause loving children to turn so completely to hate?”


Certain Alienator Personality Types Lead To Parental Alienation

I lost my oldest daughter when she was 14.  For over ten years I have been haunted by the inability to understand why I lost her and how abusers perpetrate alienation.   She is now in her mid 20’s and, although I sometimes still blame myself I have always known that the real story is a mystery tied to my ex-husband and his overt, malicious campaign to promulgate revenge against me.  His success is reflected in her penchant for sending emails  reminding me how completely she has rejected me and how deeply she hates me.  At one point she even threatened to seek a restraining order if I continued to try to contact her.

I recently received an email with a long list of reasons justifying her shutting me out of her life.  I…

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The alienation game: a work in progress


My children came home because somebody bothered to care and to bring them back home.

And my heart can rest easy for me and my children.

Whilst for all of the others, it can never rest easy or otherwise. Not until all of the children are home.

And then I can sleep.

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‘Well Mr Penny, it seems your children do not want to see you.’  Her words felt like she was boxing my ears with them and I felt a surge of fury well up from inside where the anger swelled like acid in my stomach.’  I looked at her face and wondered what I could possibly say to her. She had me handcuffed and chained to the floor. Was she laughing at me?

An hour earlier my children, my beloved boy and beloved girl, two little souls I had held in my arms from the moment they entered this world, had sat, faces downcast and eyes that would not meet mine, on a bench, in a room, in a building that looked as if it had seen better days. ‘Can we go now’ they had intoned and the woman with the clipboard, marking down their every move, gave them permission to…

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‘Let me close by putting out this open call for collaboration with any attorneys out there who want to work with me on:
1.) Identifying particularly egregious cases of professional incompetence that could serve as “test cases” for professional malpractice.
2.) Collaborate on writing handouts for targeted parents on how to file their licensing board complaints.
End Parental Alienation Not one more day will we tolerate the abandonment of your children to the trauma pathogen of “parental alienation.” Not one day more.’
~ Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Psychologist, PSY 18857

Originally posted on Dr Craig Childress: Attachment-Based "Parental Alienation":

We Will Not Abandon bannerNot one more day will we tolerate the abandonment of your children to the trauma of “parental alienation.” Not one day more.

The trauma and psychological child abuse of “parental alienation” stops. Today. Now.

My YouTube videos on Empowerment are currently available. Watch them.

It is time to stand and fight.

You are no longer a victim.  You are the fierce and powerful parent who is fighting to rescue and protect your children.

I have forged for you a weapon from out of the solid bedrock of Foundations. It is time to plant your feet firmly on the solid bedrock of scientifically established Foundationsand fight… fight to protect and rescue your children. The time has come to rescue and recover your authentic children from the pathogen of “parental alienation.”

If you have not read Foundations… shame on you. Your empowerment is through the professional words-of-power I provide…

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