‘Research has shown over and again that alcohol is the most destructive drug known, and if you look at the etymology of the word itself, it’s clear there is a spiritual dimension to this substance, one that consumes lives and happiness, prohibiting people from living joyous, full lives.

“The word “Alcohol” comes from the Arabic “al-kuhl” which means “BODY EATING SPIRIT”, and gives root origins to the English term for “ghoul”. In Middle Eastern folklore, a “ghoul” is an evil demon thought to eat human bodies, either as stolen corpses or as children.

The words “alembic” and “alcohol”, both metaphors for aqua vitae or “life water” and “spirit”, often refer to a distilled liquid that came from magical explorations in Middle Eastern alchemy.” ~Zahrah Sita’


by Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times 

Many believe that alcoholism is a spiritual disease, and that at the very least there are real spiritual consequences of alcohol consumption. Yet, is ubiquitous in our society, a strange culture which simultaneously prohibits those mind-altering substances which elevate consciousness and help us to live more meaningful lives.

Alcohol is decidedly more dangerous than cannabis, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, LSD, and so many other drugs, but our cultural addiction to booze is evident everywhere. Research has shown that even moderate alcohol consumption is extremely detrimental to your health.

Research has shown over and again that alcohol is the most destructive drug known, and if you look at the etymology of the word itself, it’s clear there is a spiritual dimension to this substance, one that consumes lives and happiness, prohibiting people from living joyous, full lives.


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EU washes its hands of Gaza

‘Even this week as conditions in Gaza deteriorated, the EU has been touting its military cooperation with Israel over so called “shared challenges.”

Meanwhile, the EU External Action Service has not tweeted anything at all about Gaza since 2015.

The latest crisis in Gaza has been unfolding since April and has prompted warnings that it could lead to another war.

The EU’s silence cannot therefore be an oversight.

It should be read as a positive endorsement of Israel’s tightening blockade of Gaza and the suffering Israel is knowingly inflicting on a population exhausted and traumatized by a decade of isolation and successive Israeli military assaults.

The European Union is indeed deepening its vaunted partnership with Israel. It is a partnership in crime.’

Kia Ora Gaza

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, left, has remained silent about Israel’s electricity cuts to Gaza. (European External Action Service)

By Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada22 June 2017

EU washes its hands of Gaza

After 10 years of Israeli blockade, conditions for two million Palestinians trapped in the Gaza Strip are by all accounts worse than ever.

Israel’s blockade, according to the human rights group B’Tselem, has consigned Gaza’s residents “to living in abject poverty under practically inhuman conditions unparalleled in the modern world.”

Yet the European Union, which markets itself as a champion of freedom, democracy and human rights, has washed its hands of the people there.

After four successive days of reductions, Israel has now cut the electricity it supplies to the Gaza Strip by 60 percent.

This comes on top of chronic shortages that meant most households only had about four…

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“So what is in the offing? No one knows for sure. But a careful examination of reality suggests that the de facto elimination of a prospective Palestinian state will leave us with two main broad alternatives: First, the hypothetical creation of a unitary democratic state between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean where Palestinians and Jews could live together in peace as equal citizens. It is utterly inconceivable , however, that Israel would willingly agree to the emergence of such a state since this sort of entity would effectively spell the end of Zionism and put an end to Israel as a Jewish state. “


I  know that resistance against an evil  foreign military occupation is a legitimate right and even a sublime national duty.  However, Palestinians must approach this matter of resistance with utmost discretion, because it is never enough to be right as one has to be wise as well, and wisdom has a thousand doors!

THE ENDGAME:   It is either One democratic state for all or perpetual open-ended conflict

By Khalid Amayreh

It is no longer possible to deny the clarion reality  that Israel has succeeded, with or without American consent, in decapitating virtually all realistic prospects for the creation of a viable  and territorially- contiguous Palestinian state on the West Bank, e.g. an  entity that would have East Jerusalem as its capital.  The massive Jewish settlement expansion and aggrandizement all over the occupied West Bank has simply eliminated all possibilities for a true Palestinian state worthy of the name…

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An Establishment cover up: The sordid and sad saga of sex abuser Bishop Peter Ball

“While on the surface being a charismatic leader he [Peter ball] and his brother appear to have conned the Establishment to cover up his activity and the Establishment appear to have been prepared to do so.”

David Hencke

bishop peter ball Bishop Peter Ball at his trial . Pic Credit: BBC

The Church of England has finally fully acknowledged the impact of the predatory sexual abuse committed by one of its most charismatic former bishops Peter Ball.

A forensic report by Dame Moira Gibb into both his activities and the cover up by the church  of his behaviour which reached the then Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, (now Lord Carey) to protect the Church’s reputation.

It is a grim story only coming light after the former Bishop of Gloucester was successfully prosecuted and jailed in 2015 after  a career  of physically and sexually abusing and exploiting  boys and young men, including some who were particularly vulnerable.

The report says : “He had used his position within the Church to identify those whom he then abused. and admitted two offences of indecent assault and a further offence of misconduct in public office.”


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#ContractLaw #HighCourt Decision reaffirms importance of defining in advance who one contracts with


The High Court has recently found that a group of waste removal companies which provided services to a company that went into liquidation shortly afterwards was not entitled to recover outstanding sums from the company’s founder. The agreement for works had been entered into with the company itself, and the founder had given no guarantee or indemnity in his personal capacity. Even if a guarantee had been given, it was merely oral and therefore unenforceable:

Erith Holdings Ltd and Others v Ronald William Murphy [2017] EWHC 1364 (TCC).

This decision serves as a cautionary tale which underlines the importance of knowing who you are contracting with and of recording the terms of your agreement formally in writing rather than relying on oral discussions. Where you have concerns regarding the financial standing of a company you are dealing with, and want to ensure that an individual who stands behind a company takes on personal liability, it will be particularly important to ensure that the individual is a party to the agreement or that any guarantee is properly documented.   

Kerrie Barrett, an associate in our disputes team, considers the decision further below.


The defendant (Mr Murphy) owned a site (the “Site”) operated by his company, Murphy’s Waste Limited (“MWL”), now in liquidation, as a waste collection and transfer station. The claimants (collectively referred to as “Erith”) were companies providing waste removal and haulage services.

The parties entered into negotiations in August/September 2014 for Erith to purchase the Site and MWL. Around this time it was orally agreed that Erith would carry out waste clearance works from the Site prior to the sale (the “Works Agreement”).  No price was agreed for those works, but Erith estimated the costs would amount to approximately £500,000. In October 2014 MWL paid approximately £110,000 in respect of those works, using funds provided by Mr Murphy. Erith did not issue further invoices and instead planned to treat the waste removal costs as part of the purchase price for the Site and MWL.

Erith contended that, between November 2014 and January 2015, the parties entered into a revised agreement under which Erith agreed to provide further waste clearance services up to a value of £1 million (the “Revised Works Agreement”). Erith contended that it was agreed payment would be deferred and treated as part of the purchase price, but if the sale did not proceed Mr Murphy would be personally liable. Mr Murphy denied that there was any Revised Works Agreement.

The waste removal services continued into early 2015, and in addition Erith made three loan payments to MWL totalling £85,000.

Ultimately the sale did not take place and MWL went into liquidation. Erith brought proceedings against Mr Murphy to recover outstanding sums, asserting that the waste removal services had been carried out, and the loan paid, on the back of assurances from Mr Murphy in his personal capacity that such costs would be reimbursed. Mr Murphy denied that he was under any liability to Erith, maintaining that the legal relationship was between Erith and MWL.


The judge (Mrs Justice O’Farrell DBE) dismissed the claims, having determined various issues including the following:

  1. Whether Erith entered into the Works Agreement with MWL or with Mr Murphy;
  2. Whether the parties entered into a Revised Works Agreement;
  3. Whether Mr Murphy agreed to be personally liable to pay for the services, and if so whether that agreement was enforceable;
  4. Whether the loan of £85,000 from Erith was to MWL or Mr Murphy, and whether it fell within the scope of any indemnity/guarantee given by Mr Murphy;
  5. Whether Mr Murphy’s solicitors had admitted in correspondence that Mr Murphy owed any debt to Erith in his personal capacity; and
  6. Whether Erith was entitled to recover the sums claimed from Mr Murphy by way of a claim for unjust enrichment.

1. The Works Agreement

The judge found that the Works Agreement was entered into by Mr Darsey (chairman and director of Erith Holdings Limited) on behalf of Erith, and by Mr Murphy on behalf of MWL. The fact that the invoices were addressed to MWL, and that payments were made from MWL’s account, was “strong evidence” that both parties considered the agreement to be with MWL. This was supported by the fact that Mr Darsey accepted, in cross-examination, that the initial agreement for waste removal services was with MWL.

2. Revised Works Agreement

The judge noted that, although there was evidence of general discussions regarding the waste on site, there was no documentary evidence of a revised estimate or any further agreement during this period.  It was significant that there was no evidence that Erith had communicated any increase in the estimated waste removal costs, or Mr Murphy’s responsibility for those costs, to the funders or the solicitors conducting the negotiations.

3. Indemnity/guarantee

The judge accepted that Mr Darsey may well have requested assurance that Erith would be paid for its site clearance works in the event the sale did not proceed, and that Mr Murphy may well have given a general assurance that Erith would be paid by MWL. She did not however accept that Mr Murphy agreed to give a personal indemnity or guarantee. All invoices were addressed to MWL, and although certain funds were paid by Mr Murphy, they were deposited into MWL’s account before being paid to Erith. There was no evidence of MWL’s debts being paid directly by Mr Murphy.

In any event, the arrangement in question would have constituted a guarantee rather than an indemnity (since Mr Murphy would have secondary liability, arising only on the failure of MWL to pay), and a contract of guarantee must be in writing or evidenced in writing and signed. Any guarantee given by Mr Murphy was made orally, and so would be unenforceable.

4. Loan

Erith alleged that Mr Murphy confirmed that, in the event MWL was unable to pay back the £85,000 loan, Mr Murphy would reimburse Erith personally. Mr Murphy disputed this, and the judge found in favour of Mr Murphy: the loan was paid into MWL’s account, and there was no record of Mr Murphy undertaking to repay it (in correspondence between Erith and its funders or legal advisers, or between the solicitors drafting the transaction documents).

Further, as above, based on the evidence before the court any such promise by Mr Murphy would have amounted to a guarantee, and would be unenforceable as it was made orally.

5. Admissions

Statements by Mr Murphy’s lawyers that their client was “raising funds to settle the costs due to your client”, and that “arrangements will be put in place to settle the costs due to your client” did not amount to an admission that Mr Murphy owed those sums in his personal capacity. An admission must be in “clear and unambiguous terms” in order to bind a party. In this case, these could simply be references to Mr Murphy putting MWL in funds in order to satisfy the outstanding invoices.

6. Unjust enrichment

Mr Murphy was indeed enriched at Erith’s expense, and that enrichment was unjust in that the services were provided in anticipation of the sale which did not ultimately proceed.

However, it was common ground that a claim for unjust enrichment will not succeed where there is  a subsisting, enforceable contract (MacDonald Dickens & Macklin v Costello [2011] EWCA Civ 930). In this case, in light of the Works Agreement, the judge found that the unjust enrichment claim must fail.


The Road to Tantura Journey

By Marivel Guzman

For the supporters of Israel who romanticize the creation of Israel as an event of resilience and courage, let me tell you that creating a village on the ruins and blood of the native residents is not romantic at all.

One of our own #Celebs4Palestine, #HalaGabriel, An American filmmaker, a Palestinian born in exile in Syria after all her family were expelled from their village in Palestine in 1948. Gabriel presents you with her “Road to Tantura Journey,” in one documentary; “Tantura.”

Tantura is a village in the Mediterranean shores of Palestine now called Tantura, Israel.

Gabriel’s documentary takes you in a journey of remembrance and pain; What is to be a refugee; how her village was invaded by Israeli army and through the voices of historians and survivors the film “speaks” how the men were put in open concentration camps and some left to died by thirst and starvation.

“Tantura” walks you through the exodus of Palestinians that ended in Syria and Lebanon as refugees, some still living in tents–How the lives of refugees transform from living in beautiful-monument homes to live in tents. The story repeats for Palestinians that until recently lived in Syria refugee camps, now, are again forced to another exodus of survival. Their story repeats after 70 years of exodus from their native Tantura to open concentrations camps in Europe.

You can read in The Jerusalem Post an account of the events in its article The Tantura ‘Massacre’ Affair, published Feb. 09, 2004. The article was based on the writtings by historian Benny Morris, “The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problems,” originally published on by Cambridge University Press (New York, NY) on 1988.

“Tantura” gives you a glimpse of the horrors residents of Tantura, Palestine suffered on the hands of the “heroic” Israeli soldiers who came to her family village. Some of those soldiers who just two years previous to the invasion of Tantura have suffered the same ordeal in Germany under the Nazi regime. A retired Israel soldier excused his participation in the invasion with “You have to ask yourself, he said,” “who gave the order.” Regardless of who gave the order; the story of displacement and murder of the residents of the village was the same.

Gabriel started the project “The Road to Tantura,” more than 10 years ago, now to finish the documentary “Tantura,” she has opened a kickstarter fund where you can help her to finish the journey.

Converting Jews worldwide to Zionism

“Brand Israel says that ‘Instead of stating dry facts, professionals must highlight Israel’s decency, morality and the diversity of the Israeli society in general’. This is an act of self-deception. Israel is a society where a plurality of Jews support the physical expulsion of Israel’s Palestinians and where ‘Death to the Arabs’ is the favourite chant of the Right.”

Banned from Quora; Published here

Lawfare as used by the Zionist organization The Lawfare Project and others is meant to persuade every Jew in the world (and not just Israeli Jews) that his or her Jewish identity, welfare and security are inextricably related to the continued suppression of justice, equality and freedom of Palestinian Arabs or, in other words, to the Apartheid Zionist Jewish state.

Lawfare is a tool used by Zionist organizations to suppress pro-Palestine activity by conflating anti-Semitism (in its sense of “anti-Jewish animus”) with anti-Zionism, the ideology that perpetuates Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights.  A case in point is the lawsuit against San Francisco State University (SFSU) currently being heard in a U.S. federal court brought by the right-wing Zionist organization The Lawfare Project, which

relies on the complete conflation of anti-Jewish animus with criticism of Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights to assert that SFSU violated the constitutional and civil rights of…

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Cartoon of Iain Duncan Smith as ‘Leatherface’ Serial Killer

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

This week I’ve been putting up cartoons I drew a few years ago, expressing my absolute hatred of the Tory party, the right-wing press and their vile policies. This one is of Iain Duncan Smith, the former head of the Tory party before David Cameron, and subsequently the head of the DWP under the Coalition between the Tories and their Lib Dem enablers, headed by Nick Clegg.

It was Iain Duncan Smith’s DWP that massively expanded the sanctions system already brought in by Tony Blair, for the benefit of New Labour’s corporate donors, such as the American private health insurance company and insurance fraudster, Unum. The result has been tens of thousands of people thrown off benefit for the most trivial of reasons, many of whom have died in misery and despair as a result.

Stilloaks, Johnny Void, Vox Political, DPAC and many other bloggers have carried articles and lists…

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Ex-CIA official: Rex Tillerson works for Israel

“Rex Tillerson is pursuing the foreign policy of Israel, not the foreign policy of the United States. The US Department of State is controlled today by a mix of Zionists, bankers, neoconservatives, and pedophiles. The US government at the highest levels does not do evidence-based decision-making, nor does it pursue the interests of the American public. Evidently President Donald Trump, after promising to forego elective wars and regime change, has been bribed to betray the best interests of the American people. As Donald Trump said during the campaign, our policies are pay to play. The Saudis do the paying and the Zionists do the playing,” said Steele.

Rehmat's World

Robert David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps infantry and intelligence officer, the second-ranking civilian in US Marine Corps Intelligence, and former CIA clandestine services case officer, in June 21 interview with Javad Heiran-Nia of the Tehran Times said that the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson works for the Zionist entity and not for the United States.

Rex Tillerson is pursuing the foreign policy of Israel, not the foreign policy of the United States. The US Department of State is controlled today by a mix of Zionists, bankers, neoconservatives, and pedophiles. The US government at the highest levels does not do evidence-based decision-making, nor does it pursue the interests of the American public. Evidently President Donald Trump, after promising to forego elective wars and regime change, has been bribed to betray the best interests of the American people. As Donald Trump said during the campaign, our policies are pay to play. The Saudis do…

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Hurting the Heart of a Child: Parental Alienation is Child Abuse

“My confrontation with the harm that parental alienation causes to a child, made me realise that, parental alienation causes similar damage to that which is caused when a child is sexually abused. It is a primal wound against the child’s sense of sovereignty over their own selves and soul. A child who has been alienated against a parent, feels guilt and shame for having been made to take part in acts of hatred against a loved parent, so much so that the feelings impact in a physical as well as emotional, mental and psychological way. The distortion of the child’s experience, in which they are aware that what they are doing is hurting the other parent but in which they are pushed to bury those normalising feelings of guilt and shame for having done so, by the parent causing the splitting reaction, causes deep wounds which take time to recover from. Trusting others after being alienated is something that many children appear to be unable to achieve.”

Karen Woodall

I continue to work with children in recovery from parental alienation, this is the bulk of my current work and as such it puts me in prime position to understand at the most fundamental levels, the harm that parental alienation does.  Close examination of how children recover from alienation is the subject of my doctoral research which, now that our book is being readied for publication (looks like end July folks), I can now spend more time on.

This week I heard the hurt of a child who has been harmed by the psychological splitting that comes with parental alienation. It was a visceral experience which took me straight to the core of the problem caused for children by parents and other adults who cause a child to reject a loved parent.  Overwhelming guilt and shame and the utter bewilderment that comes when a child blames themselves first.  Because being…

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