The Right to the Truth about the Mass Killings of 11 September 2001

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By Elias Davidsson | Dissident Voice | August 2, 2015

A gross violation of human rights gives rise to a set of state obligations, including that of providing remedies to the victims. Among such remedies is the duty to establish the true circumstances surrounding the violation and ensuring the identification and punishment of those responsible for it. The mass killings of 9/11 were, apart of being a huge crime, also a gross violation of the right to life of approximately 3,000 people. Yet legal literature has not dealt with this event from that perspective. Thus, the right of the victims to have the truth established and the perpetrators identified and punished has not been subject to scrutiny. This study is meant to remedy this failure by applying existing human rights norms to the investigation of 9/11 by the U.S. authorities and assessing, more generally, the adequacy of these norms.


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Neoconservative Pathology Still Dominates US Government

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Meet The Kagans: Seeking War To The End Of The World

zero hedge

Submitted by Robert Parry, via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

undefinedIf the neoconservatives have their way again, US ground troops will reoccupy Iraq, the US military will take out Syria’s secular government (likely helping Al Qaeda and the Islamic State take over), and the US Congress will not only kill the Iran nuclear deal but follow that with a massive increase in military spending.

Like spraying lighter fluid on a roaring barbecue, the neocons also want a military escalation in Ukraine to burn the ethnic Russians out of the east, and the neocons dream of spreading the blaze to Moscow with the goal of forcing Russian President Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin. In other words, more and more fires of Imperial “regime change” abroad even as the last embers of the American Republic die at…

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When you’re in a hole, the US and Britain have only one answer: keep bombing

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Stop the War Coalition | July 27, 2015

WHEN you’re in a hole, keep bombing. That’s the message from the Nato forces – meeting in Brussels tomorrow to give the green light to Turkey – who seem to know no other way out of the serial military debacles and catastrophes they have launched in the past decade and a half than to continue with them.

In the past few days the prospect of even greater war in the Middle East has come closer, as Turkey escalates its attacks on the Kurdish community, under the pretext of the war against ISIS.

The deal between the US and Turkey allows US use of an airbase close to its ISIS bombing targets in Syria while giving a green light to Turkey to bomb not just ISIS but the Kurds in the PKK.

To many observers, this is in fact the key point of…

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Amnesty International: Israel Committed War Crimes During Rafah ‘Carnage’

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Global Research, July 29, 2015
Middle East Monitor 29 July 2015

rafahschool-400x264There is overwhelming evidence of war crimes commissioned and committed by the Israeli military in Rafah last August, a new report by Amnesty International has concluded.

In what the global human rights NGO has described as a “cutting edge investigation”, the Israeli army was found to have conducted “disproportionate, or otherwise indiscriminate, attacks which killed scores of civilians in their homes, on the streets and in vehicles and injured many more.”

Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Amnesty International, described a “relentless and massive bombardment of residential areas of Rafah”, carried out “without distinction between civilians and military targets.”

Image from last Summer, of a young girl being rescued from the rubbles of the Ghoul family home in Rafah, after it was shelled by Israeli forces.

Image from last Summer, of a young girl being rescued from the rubbles of the Ghoul family home in Rafah, after it was shelled by Israeli forces.

The events in…

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Litigants Designated As Protective Parents Need Not Be “Perfect People”


The Foundation has numerous accounts of highly questionable custody decision in which protective parents are clearly targeted for objectively perverse reasons.

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Those involved in extremely high conflict divorce/custody litigation are as per the experience of the FCVFC people whom have their own challenging childhoods. As mental health experts with thousands of hours of training direct treatment and research experience we can say with certainty that there are few if any individuals who come through life without experiences of some significant trauma, grief, loss, abandonment, betrayal, tragedy that has not had significant impact. The ability to integrate and use the experience for personal growth, empathy, healthy social integration is critical to making good relationship choices that ensure a safe, stable future. Not everyone is so fortunate. Whether some individuals make choices that are not in their best interest or worse, may lead to their worst nightmares, may be the product of naiveté or denial or any other of numerous psychological pathways that lead to associations not in one’s best interest.

No individual…

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Cameron, Cromer and Colonialism: Yes Mr Cameron, It is a Colonialist-Style Attack on Islam


“As long as Cameron lends his ear to toxic, disreputable individuals, perpetuates neoconservatism from the pulpit of Parliament, and speaks to Muslims as the colonial master did to his subjects, his policies will resoundingly fail.”

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DavidCameronAnd no, this is not an “Islamist lie” like Maajid Nawaz seems to have informed you.  It is however, a neoconservative conspiracy, which spans the inception of the War on Terror.

David Cameron’s doublespeaking speech was incessant in its assertion that there is no conspiracy to “destroy Islam”.

Increasingly, it seems that practically any argument, however well referenced, even academically-backed, is to be rapidly brought into the sphere of “extremism” or “Islamism” and suppressed through State apparatus. They have become the terms through which the government is censoring counter-narratives.

For neocons, “active opposition” to their civic religion of secular liberalism and its symbols – “British values” of democracy, rule of law and human rights – is equivalent to “undermining” it. It is “an attack” no less.  To protect it, the state has effectively deployed the counter-extremism and terrorism industry. However, the double-standards applied by neocons means that any effort to…

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High Court expresses doubt that the inherent jurisdiction covers the ‘name and shame’ CSE cases


Proportionality. We don’t live in a police state nor in a nanny state, so a magistrates SRO should trump any blanket family court injunction. Common sense really ….

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Readers will probably be familiar with the case of Riaz, where Keehan J was invited to use the inherent jurisdiction to make injunctions preventing a group of men who were believed to pose a sexual risk to children from associating with children, and also allowed them to be named in the national press.

At the time and still, I have mixed feelings about that case.  As a society, we do desperately want to do something to protect children from Child Sexual Exploitation, and we have to face the reality that criminal prosecutions often cannot get off the ground where the child does not want to make the complaint or give evidence. And at the moment, the only remedy to protect such children is Secure Accommodation – i.e locking them up for being victims, which doesn’t sit well with anyone.

Therefore, when Keehan J announced that he was using the…

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