The clash between open justice and one’s good name

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Khuja (formerly known as PNM) v. Times Newspapers [2017] UKSC 49, Supreme Court, read judgment

The outcome of this case is summed up in its title, an unsuccessful attempt to retain anonymity in press reporting.  It is a stark instance of how someone involved in investigations into very serious offences cannot suppress any allegations which may have surfaced in open court, even though no prosecution was ever brought against them.

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Gaza civilians demand action from the ICC

“The procedure concerns three crimes:
– the blockade of Gaza
– the Israeli aggression in the summer of 2014
– the Israeli settlement of Palestine.

At a press conference in The Hague prior to submitting the complaint to the ICC, Mr Devers said that it was time for prosecutor to move the case forward.

“It is two years since Palestine has been under preliminary examination,” he said. “In Gaza, we think two years is too long.””

Today In Gaza

Palestinian victims today urged the Prosecutor of the ICC to move her preliminary examination of Palestine into a full investigation, with a complaint drafted by 40 lawyers from the Gaza Bar representing some 50 Palestinian trade unions, associations and civil society organizations plus 448 individual victims. The action was filed with the ICC by Maître Gilles Devers.

Palestinians file lawsuit against Israel at ICCThe procedure concerns three crimes:
– the blockade of Gaza
– the Israeli aggression in the summer of 2014
– the Israeli settlement of Palestine.

At a press conference in The Hague prior to submitting the complaint to the ICC, Mr Devers said that it was time for prosecutor to move the case forward.

“It is two years since Palestine has been under preliminary examination,” he said. “In Gaza, we think two years is too long.”

At a simultaneous press conference in Gaza attended by the lawyers and complainants, Basman AlAshi, Chief Executive…

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Black faces and white workplaces (PART 1)

“In other words, we create, fix and respond to each other, intersubjectively according to collective and historical configurations we share as member of a particular social system. These historical patterns of relational configurations are more likely to become embodied and reproduced under certain circumstances. For example, when those whose body don’t belong, dare challenging power structures.

The issues here are consequently not simply representational. In the same sense that Black and Brown employees may experience terror and behave as though the historical traumatic agent was re-occurring, employers embody persecution and often sadism, by behaving as though they once again were colonial persecutory powers. Unconsciously. “

Race Reflections

This post is the summary and write- up of a few Twitter threads I wrote focused on self-care for people of colour working in white institutions. The reflections presented below are based on conversations I have had with people of colour, some of whom have become seriously distressed and quite psychologically unwell in white organisational settings. Many have spoken of becoming suicidal. Others have retired on ill health grounds. Some have sought me as a friend or more formally as a therapist to help them make sense of their experience.

The level of psychological injury and disability people of colour sustain at work because of racism, is still an unknown quantity. Nonetheless, my aim here is not to try and quantify but, using an analytic framework primarily, to attempt and formulate what I am recurrently untrusted with. I have to say though, that I too as a Black woman, am…

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Inherent Jurisdiction: Article 8 and Adoption

United Kingdom Immigration Law Blog

W v The Secretary of State for the Home Department [2017] EWHC 1733 (Fam) (07 July 2017)

Nigerians are automatically associated with corruption and deception. The magnitude of the problem is such that even honest citizens of Nigeria – who in fact make up the vast majority of the population – are seen as fraudsters. These proceedings involved themes linked to adoption, domicile, intercountry adoption, entry clearance, recognition of foreign judgments and conflict of laws. The intersection of such fields of law is immersed in complexity and confusion lurks behind every nook and cranny. Yet in this case a Nigerian couple applied for recognition of a Nigerian adoption order pursuant to the inherent jurisdiction and Pauffley J granted their application. Mr and Mrs W are married Nigerian citizens from “[X] state”. Mr W is a Tier 2 visa holder. Mrs W is residing in the UK as his spouse…

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Kerry Underwood

These issues are dealt with in my book Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting, Section 57 Set-off available from Amazon here.

In Shaw v Medtronic Corevalve LLC & Others [2017] EWHC 1397 (QB)

the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court refused to set aside a Notice of Discontinuance and refused to give permission to Defendants to enforce a Costs Order in a Qualified One-Way Costs Shifting case.

The discontinuance did not amount to an abuse of process and although there were elements of the claim outside the ambit of QOCS protection, they were either not pleaded, or were de minimis and would not have added to the costs of the action.

Previously the court had set aside permission to the Claimant to serve the First and Third Defendants out of the jurisdiction and the claim against the Fourth Defendant was struck out and the Claimant then discontinued against the Fifth…

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Ex-UNHRC envoy: No Palestinian state on Trump’s watch

“Since the assassination of JFK in 1963 no US president had the courage to stand-up to pressure from America’s powerful Jewish lobby groups to force the Zionist regime to live in peace with the native Palestinians displaced by Jewish terrorists during 1948-49. Since the occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and al-Quds (East Jerusalem) during Israel’s 1967 War of Aggression US presidents started paying lip service to the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state over land occupied by Israel in 1967 which was rejected by the successive Zionist regimes. No president had the ball to withhold US$6-12 billion annual military aid and other handouts in order to force the Zionist regime to hold peace negotiation without preconditions.”

Rehmat's World

American Jewish academic and former United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Special Rapporteur for occupied Palestine Richard Falk in recent interview with Arab journalist Abdo Emara discussed several issues affecting the Middle East such as Jewish support for the Zionist entity, anti-Semitism, Israel and Egyptian blockade of Gaza Strip, Palestinian Islamic resistance Hamas, United Nations’ failure to support Palestinian cause, Israel’s anti-democracy policy in the region, Arab governments support for Palestine, and Donald Trump presidency.

Nothing positive for the Palestinian people can emerge from the wave of speculation that Trump will soon broker the ultimate peace deal. Israel is content with managing the status quo while gradually increasing its territorial appropriations via settlements, wall, security claims, and various demographic manipulations. Palestine lacks credible leadership capable of representing the Palestinian people. This partly reflects the low credibility and poor record of the Palestinian Authority and partly the deep split between Hamas…

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What is Success in Treating Parental Alienation?

“Reunification of alienated children means that they move from the psychologically split state of mind to an integration quickly. This translates into normal warm responding to the parent who has hitherto been rejected. Thus, the person who is able to recognise whether reunification has worked is the targeted parent, not the ‘expert.’ In some cases of parental alienation in the UK, targets parents are told that their child is recovered in situations where the child is still in the position of deciding whether and when they will see a parent. This is not recovery, this is something else and it is usually seen in situations where the people who consider themselves to be ‘experts’ in this field are making decisions about parents and children from a place where they regard both parents as being active contributors to the problem.”

Karen Woodall

This week I have been starting the process of codifying the principles of practice in working with alienated children and their families for the development of training programmes. As part of this work I have been sifting back through the cases where I have achieved rapid reunification of children with the parent they have rejected.  What has always been clear to me as I do this work, is that it is not therapy in the traditional sense, in that the actual reunification work is not achieved through talking or through regular meetings in the therapist’s office.  Reunification work is done actively, largely in situations where children are shifted swiftly through psychological change.  Successful reunification means that the child is freed from the alienation reaction and changes from lacking in perspective as a cause of the psychologically split state of mind, to an integrated perspective in which they are able to…

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After the ‘smoking gun’ emails, video footage now shows Donald Trump’s links to the people involved


An eminent law professor has described emails released by Donald Trump Jr as the “proverbial smoking gun”. And now, a video has emerged that provides a direct link between the US President and people named in the emails.

To read more, click here.

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How to Cope With Being Blamed For Something You Didn’t Do

Parental Alienation

It’s best to avoid this type of personality (narcissistic), as this disorder includes being negative, which can have a destructive affect on you.

Unfortunately, I have a family member who fits this type of personality. It has taken me a lifetime to recognize that she lives with a mental disorder. I became a victim by buying in to her belief system. I accepted criticism and verbal abuse. I felt sorry for her because she had a rough childhood. I found myself walking on eggshells with every conversation.

Don’t become a victim of a negative personality. It can literally ruin your life, especially if you and your accuser are related or are close friends.

The Accusation is a Reflection of Your Accuser, Not You

The Truth Will Set You Free

You Don’t Need to Prove Your Innocence

Learning New Strategies for Dealing With Blamers

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Murdoch bid for Sky is not just about news – Sally Broughton Micova

“As my UEA colleague David Reader and I argued in our submission to Ofcom, Sky’s position as an ISP in an environment in which “reasonable” traffic management is allowed can have damaging consequences for viewers’ access to content, not to mention its dominance in the market for premium content rights, such as for high-quality drama and sports.

The ConversationThese concerns cannot be solved by behavioural undertakings alone. With Bradley “minded to refer” the case to the CMA, one can only hope that they will not relegate these to a mere mention in an appendix.”

Inforrm's Blog

When Ofcom published its report to the media and culture secretary, Karen Bradley, on its public interest test for the proposed acquisition of Sky plc by 21st Century Fox, it rightly found that a takeover would raise public interest concerns.

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