#BDS Murderous Ziocolony Israel: FactCheck: Exposing the blatant LIES of Jordan Peterson and Benjamin Netanyahu !

Uncovering the unabashed lies between Peterson and Netanyahu | Ahmed Hammuda | ISLAM21C | 11 Dec 2022

Ahmed Hammuda rebuts the lies recently spewed by psychologist Jordan Peterson and the war criminal, fraudster, repeat adulterer, and pathological liar, Benjamin Netanyahu

“The Haganah burnt my town to the ground, summarily executed my great-grandfather, and displaced my grandfather and his whole family at gunpoint”

Jordan Peterson has hosted a war criminal and compulsive liar, Benjamin Netanyahu, on the 311th podcast on his YouTube channel. The episode is titled: Does Israel have the right to exist? During the charade, the clinical psychologist – who has an enormous following among the youth – gleefully flirted with the third-time Prime Minister of the Zionist entity and head of the most right-wing party in the colony’s history. [1]

Peterson, who often preaches about morality and justice, failed to interrogate the war criminal, not even for personally instructing the harrowing aerial blitz of Gaza in 2014, dropping the equivalent of two low-yield tactical nuclear weapons [2], and killing more than 2,300 Gazans, most of whom were civilians, including scores of children and internally displacing over half a million.

Netanyahu is at the helm of forming a bandit government containing, among other extremists, an ex-member of the Kach party – a terrorist organisation according to Israel itself. Netanyahu has himself been indicted for corruption, breach of trust, bribery, and fraud. [3]

In a near one-and-a-half-hour podcast with Peterson, Netanyahu shamefully strings together the most laughable concoctions of history and lies unabashed.

Instead of challenging them, Peterson audaciously ‘buttresses’ the fraudster’s fictitious argument that Palestine was, before Zionism, a ruin and a barren mess, containing no “tenants” after the 7th Century “Arab invasion”, only for modern Zionists to “have made something of it”.

He outrageously reasons that this form of annexation can be justified under English common law: 

“If you are going to occupy a territory, you actually have to do something with it that is productive…”   

Peterson has himself shown an unhealthy fondness for the Zionist colony, aligning himself with the Zionist Daily Wire, storming al-Masjid al-Aqsa (the Temple Mount) under Israeli protection [4], and now, hosting this compulsive liar.

This is much to the dismay of his viewership, who previously saw Peterson as speaking for elements of justice and common sense in a modern world that is blindly walking into nihilism and chaos. 

Would Moses of Israel have had Netanyahu stoned to death?

Benjamin Netanyahu is the son of secular parents. His father, Nathan Mileikowsky, from Poland, Hebraised his name to Netanyahu, meaning ‘God has given’.

After getting his first wife pregnant, Benjamin Netanyahu’s marriage collapsed due to him engaging in adultery with another woman. [5] The fraudster then proceeded to marry the non-Jew (who converted), Fleur Cates, with whom he had had the affair in question. After the failure of this marriage, and during his third (and current) marriage, he publicly admitted to having yet another affair with his public relations adviser. [6]

And yet, this turbulent beast and child-murderer began by rolling off unending fantasies and imaginative associations between him and the “original Moses”.

One wonders, how, with such divergent biological fetishes, this weasel can still be connected to an Israelite ‘monolith’ that is 3,500 years old, as it is clear he possesses no moral connection with them. I imagine Moses of Israel would have had him stoned to death.

The Zionist lie that they are the ethnic progeny of the Israelites depicts the ancient Israelites as a cultish, non-proselytising, supremacist group of pure breed for 3,500 years, despite invasion, movement, and displacement. This group apparently kept inbreeding until it produced Netanyahu. Such are the fanciful ideas of modern Zionism, born of arrogance, racismand exclusivity.

As an aside, this is why Zionists are obsessed with calling their rivals ‘Arabs’, despite us, Muslimsnever referring to the cause of Palestine as one that is ‘Arab’ in nature. Their obsession with race and cult is here being imposed on their enemies, as if they suffer from the same problem; i.e. “We are the master race, so you, as our rivals are surely, simply another competing race”. Well, not everyone sees the world in this way.

Such racism is nothing to do with the Israelites, who were the followers of Moses (عليه السلام), like Muslims today.

Leaving Egypt with Moses (عليه السلام), the Israelites numbered around 600,000 men (not including women and children) [7], after being just 12 in number (i.e. the sons of Jacob), in just four generations.

The colossal growth shows beyond doubt, that swathes of converts formed a huge part of the nation of truth, affiliated to the God of Israel (Jacob), and hence were Israelites by faith, not by genetics. An Israelite cannot be, by definition, some secular, atheistic colonial power, as an extension of US global supremacy and totally disconnected from truth and morality.

Anyway, I will address these lies, not for the sake of docile Peterson or the fraudster, but the few who may have been left bamboozled by this charade. Let us clarify the truth about Palestine.

Are modern Zionists connected to the ancient Israelites?

The ancient Israelites first entered Palestine at around 1400 BCE. After living under ‘judges’ or charismatic leaders (maybe Prophets) for around 300 years, a united monarchy under Prophets Dāwūd and Sulaymān (عليهما السلام) was formed (i.e. ‘the United Kingdom of Israel’).

This momentous development occurred following the defeat of the Jebusites and the conquering of Jerusalem at around 1000 BCE. For the sake of this dunce and other Evangelist bashers, people did live in Palestine before the Israelites.

In many cases, the Israelites maintained the role of spiritual leadership (rather than worldly conquerors) to establish monotheism. This was finally established throughout the land under the Kingship of Dāwūd and Sulaymān (عليهما السلام), where polytheism was removed from the region. The purpose of worldly authority was, therefore, to remove polytheism from the land, after which it would meet its demise over time, due to corruption and rivalries.

After Sulaymān (عليه السلام), the Kingdom split into a northern kingdom called Israel or Samaria. It consisted of 10 of the 12 tribal regions attributed in name to the various children of Yaʿqūb (عليه السلام) and his progeny. There was also a southern kingdom called Judah, or ‘Yehuda’, a reference to the fourth of Yaʿqūb’s sons from his first wife, Leah.

In 721 BCE, the Assyrians (not the Arabs) conquered the northern kingdom and dispersed 10 of the 12 Israelite tribes. These 10 tribes were gradually assimilated by other peoples – specifically the present-day Syrian peoples – and steadily disappeared from history. Much of the blood of Yaʿqūb (عليه السلام) would have merged amongst the Semitic people of the Levant. Note that historians record a mass expulsion, not genocide.

In 612 BCE, Assyria fell to the Babylonian Empire. In 597 BCE, Nebuchadnezzar II, the king of Babylon, not the ‘Arabs’, invaded Judah, destroying the Temple of Solomon and ravaging Jerusalem. The remaining Israelites were exiled to Babylon (modern-day Iraq).

Their designation as ‘Israelites’ thenceforth was terminally lost, as they merged with communities in Babylon and across the world. It is recorded that during this period of exile, the Israelites lost their language and, more significantly, the original verbal Torah, which was fragmentally put back together by their ‘Prophet’, Ezra. Thus, the term ‘Jew’ emerged after the second exile to embrace the many ‘believers’ of multiple ethnicities, through descent or conversion, providing an ethno-religious connection to the Kingdom of ‘Yehuda’ or Judah.

In 538 BCE, under the rule of the Persian King, Cyrus the Great, Jews were permitted to return to the holy land and in 516 BCE, the Temple of Solomon was rebuilt. Despite being Persian (not ethnically a ‘Jew’), Cyrus is extolled as the one ‘anointed by God’ in Jewish texts, suggesting the proselytising nature of the divine message held by the followers of the Torah.

In 70 CE, following the Jewish revolt and occupation of Jerusalem in 66 CE, the Romans destroyed the Second Temple, leaving only the ‘Western Wall’ or the ‘Buraq Wall’. This structure seems to be part of the original temple, masjid, or place of worship.

The final destruction of the Temple removed the function of the ‘priest’ from the Jewish community, with Zakariyyā (عليه السلام) being one of the last, and sacrament of atonement through sacrifice. The emergence of the Rabbis (learned men) followed and was established roughly in the time span of 300-400 CE. These were the Jews at the time of the Prophet (ﷺ).

Modern ‘Israel’ relates to ancient Israel in nothing but name, which it hijacks from significant historical tradition. Superimposing Israelite history – which is centred on an Abrahamic message more closely aligned with Muslims today – onto contemporary Zionism, is a dangerous and incorrect move. Since the latter is at heart an intensely secular movement.

Jewish historians, in fact, consider ‘Israelite’ to be a hereditary designation (the offspring of Yaʿqūb – Jacob, also called ‘Israel’), a geographic one before the exile, and a cultic one, particularly in the post-exilic period, applying to any worshipper of the God of Israel, ‘Yahweh’.

Some can validly argue that by that definition, the people of the land who have been there since time immemorial, worship God, and recognise God’s revelation to Mūsā and ʿĪsā (عليهما السلام), and Muhammad (ﷺ), and constitute a mixture of previous nations including the Israelites (i.e. the Palestinians) can collectively be called ‘Israelites’.

In a 1918 book written by the future founders of the Zionist state, David Ben-Gurion and Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, Palestinian peasants – then the majority of its inhabitants – were argued to be the ancient descendants of the Hebrews. [8] Of course, this argument was later dropped by the authors, due to its irreconcilable nature with the Zionist narrative!

Following 70 CE, Palestine kept changing hands between the superpowers of the world, until the great Jewish revolt against Roman Heraclius from 602 CE to regain autonomy. Siding with the Sassanids in their attempts at conquering Jerusalem in the famous Byzantine–Sasanian Wars of 602–628 CE, heinous massacres were carried out on both sides. Up to 17,000 Christians were massacred and 37,000 expelled from their land during the Sassanid–Jewish (not Arab) recapture of Jerusalem. [9]

During the Caliphate of the Prophet’s (ﷺ) disciple and companion, ʿUmar ibn al-Khaṭṭāb (radiy Allāhu ‘anhu), Jerusalem was surrendered from Byzantine hands to the Muslims in 637 CE. The serene and cordial opening of the holy city earmarked the final transfer of its custodianship to the nation of truth and justice, to the followers of the Final Messenger (ﷺ). [10]

Here, the renowned Treaty of ‘Umar (radiy Allāhu ‘anhu) [11] was signed with the Greek Orthodox patriarch, Sophronius, guaranteeing the safety of the People of the Book, their churches, and the right to practise their faith. Contrary to the claims the fraudster makes to Peterson, no Jewish expulsion ever took place at the hands of the Muslims.

In fact, and contrary to the words of the fraudster, the Jews had already been expelled by the Byzantines prior to this Islamic opening. Upon the request of the Christian Byzantines, and due to the Jewish revolt serving as a backdrop, they would be barred (as part of their pact with ‘Umar) from living in the same areas as the Christians.

In the podcast, the fraudster goes on to speak of ‘another people’ who kicked the Arabs out, also leaving it a barren land. Seemingly, he is referring to the Crusaders of 1095-1291 CE, but seeking not to upset Peterson’s Evangelical following, he casually avoids referring to them by name!

Palestine was the sceptre of authority and the centre of civilisation from the Palaeolithic, through to the Neolithic (8,500–4,500 BCE), Bronze, Iron, Babylonian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Muslim ages – a religious, political, and trading hub contested by countless empires. Claims that such a prized possession and rich cultural heritage is barren and lifeless based on the journalistic accounts of satirists such as Mark Twain (as the fraudster claims) is so absurd as to be beyond clinical redemption.

19th Century Zionism and the Great Palestinian Catastrophe (Nakba)

Park the idea of ‘Palestinian’ needing to be a national identity with a seat in the UN General Assembly.

When we say ‘Palestinian’, we are referring to the indigenous communities of Palestine. They are the biological synthesis of every dynasty, nation, or peoples (including ‘Semitic’ Israelites) who lived in Palestine before the Great Palestinian Exodus of 1948 (i.e. the ‘Nakba’).

An elderly Palestinian man and a young child sit in front of a tent, after being made refugees in their own land, 1948 [12]

A sizeable ancient and indigenous Jewish population, in the tens of thousands, also lived in Palestine. These ‘Palestinians’ formed part of the ancient makeup of the region and were under the protectorate of the Ottoman Empire.

Nationalistic, political ‘Zionism’ dates back to the end of 1882, when European persecuted groups of Jews began working together to establish farming communities in historical Palestine. These were, in part, facilitated by the Ottomans who, unlike European powers, permitted land ownership and never saw these communities posing an existential threat.

This movement was spearheaded by the Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl – Netanyahu’s ‘second Moses’ according to the interview – who formed the Zionist organisation and began encouraging Jewish migration to Palestine in an effort to escape European anti-Semitism.

This ‘spiritual father of the Jewish State’ was in fact an irreligious Europhile who sought to amalgamate modern Jewish culture with the European way of life in his vision for a homeland in Palestine. His wife died due to mental illness and drug addiction. Herzl’s son, Hans, who was given a secular upbringing, was not allowed to be circumcised. Hans eventually oscillated between Christian denominations before shooting himself to death at the age of 39 on the day of his sister’s funeral, who died of a heroin overdose. [13]

Jewish immigration to Herzl was not a question of trying to re-establish a biblical right, but a safe asylum alongside the native population whom he claimed he did not seek to undermine:

“I consider the Jewish question neither a social nor a religious one, even though it sometimes takes these and other forms.” [14]

Further mass Jewish immigration to Palestine took place between 1882 and 1914, mainly from Russia and from states of socialist persuasions. Despite this, by WWI, immigrant and indigenous Jews numbered around 80,000 in total; this constituted a tenth of the country’s total population. Indeed, far more had established themselves in the US. [15]

In 1917, the Balfour Declaration – nearing the end of WWI and the dismantlement of the Ottoman Empire – gave a legal basis for Jewish immigration and opened the floodgates on indigenous Palestinian communities.

This, despite the declaration stating that:

“…nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine…” [16]

The choice to migrate to Palestine was exacerbated by the rise of Nazism and later curbs on Jewish immigration imposed by the US and many countries in Europe. These immigrants were motivated by fleeing persecution, rather than making a conscious ‘Zionist’ choice or reinstating a supposed biblical prophecy.

‘Israel’, proudly established by terrorists and criminals in 1948

In the year 1948, David Ben-Gurion declared the creation of the ‘State of Israel’, encouraging any Jew on earth to immigrate to the new colony. Ben-Gurion, a self-obsessed criminal, confessed that he had never suffered any anti-Semitic persecution in his lifetime.

“For many of us, anti-Semitic feeling had little to do with our dedication [to Zionism]. I personally never suffered anti-Semitic persecution.” [17]

Ben-Gurion described himself as an irreligious person who developed atheism in his youth and who demonstrated no great sympathy for the elements of traditional Judaism, though he quoted the Bible extensively in his speeches and writings. In fact, modern Orthodox philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz considered Ben-Gurion “to have hated Judaism more than any other man he had met.” [18]

Ben-Gurion ordered that Zionist terrorist groups such as the Irgun, the Lehi, the Haganah, and the Palmach, who were killing indigenous Palestinians and levelling their villages in the run-up to the ‘Declaration of Independence’ in 1948 be replaced by the national army.

As an aside, the Haganah burnt Lydda, my indigenous town, to the ground, summarily executing my great-grandfather and displacing my grandfather, Mohammad Ali Hammuda, and his whole family at gunpoint. [19]

Many of these terrorist leaders went on to assume political positions. Yitzhak Rabin, the fifth Prime Minister of ‘Israel’, served in the Haganah. Menachem Begin, the sixth Prime Minister of ‘Israel’, led the Irgun and was called a terrorist and a fascist by Albert Einstein and 27 other prominent Jewish intellectuals in a letter to the New York Times, published in December of 1948. [20]

Also in and around 1948, the systematic expulsion of indigenous communities continued. Over 700,000 were expelled from their homes, 600 villages were burned to the ground, and water wells were poisoned to prevent Palestinians from returning. Arab village names were Hebraised and ‘modern Hebrew’ language and customs were practically invented from the language and customs appropriated from the locals.

Until the modern day, the policy of ethnic cleansing, land appropriation, killing, and Hebraisation continues. More than 78 per cent of Palestinian land has been confiscated, alongside its water resources, livestock, buildings, and fertile earth. The rest is under militarised occupation.

Forget leaving it barren, Palestinians in many cases are prohibited from growing crops in swathes of their own land in the West Bank (what remains of Palestine besides Gaza) if it is too close to a Zionist illegal settlement. More than 60 per cent of the West Bank remains under exclusive Zionist control (Area C), even if owned by Palestinians, and is designated as a ‘firing zone’ for Zionist military training.

Map depicting Areas A, B, and C with the darkest area covering B (joint security and Palestinian civilian control), followed by A in the medium-shaded areas (Palestinian security and civilian control), and C in the lightest-shaded areas (Israeli security and civilian control) [21]

What became known as ‘Israel’, created on the corpse of that synthetic religious community, also became the world’s only nation given the privilege of justifying its invasion… religiously. They became ‘God’s chosen people’ for that land – a theatrical diversion of the real question. But who could argue with ‘God’s choice’? Precipitously, what began as a simple issue of the rightness or wrongness of land annexation became confounded with questions of organic originality…

The onus was not on how predominantly European Zionists forged a biological link with an African Moses or Babylonian Abraham for that matter. In fact, the onus of answering for genetic originality was thrown on the masses that lived there before 1948, since time immemorial.

This is the story of Palestine that Dr. Peterson is yet to present. 

Source: Islam21c


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