Long ago, judges judged coercion well. So why not now?

“Why can’t we continue to expect to get the same recognition and intervention that Scientology got in the courts of these two judges in the 1980s? In the UK we even have specific laws about coercive relationships in families. Surely that should mean that judges and everyone should be more open to spotting this – in cults or just in families – than so long ago. And, I argue, that the coercion is more severe and harmful in cults and parental alienation because those victims typically need to suppress their authentic identity, thinking and feeling, more completely in order to ‘sincerely’ adopt a false one.”

the alienation experience

Russell Miller wrote the authoritative biography of L Ron Hubbard: Bare-Faced Messiah. Hubbard was founder and head of the Church of Scientology. Scientology is perhaps the greatest example of a high control cult there is.

An overwhelmingly strong personality

It is enthralling to follow through the whole life of such a warped but charismatic and talented man, how he eventually gets going and then sustains his weirdly great achievements. All the way through he can depend on the blind adulation of enough spouses, children and other followers who just do not see the most blatant flaws imaginable in their foul-tempered, fiction-as-truth, conman who leads their family and ‘church’!

It’s the complete loyalty of the followers that is more astonishing than LRH’s unfollowable antics. But don’t think the followers are weirdos, not like us. Any of us can be recruited by those that know how to do it. And, in everyday family law…

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