Working to International Standards of Practice in a UK Setting

“Note: A hybrid case is not a case where both parents are to blame and it is not a case where high conflict has caused the withdrawal. A hybrid case is one in which the child’s changing needs have caused an inability to transition between parents and one parent has exploited and upheld this as an opportunity to gain control over the contact routine, or, where one parent has undermined the other in a coercive controlling pattern of behaviour, or where there is a fixed pattern of thought and behaviour in one parent and a flexible pattern in the other, or where one parent is controlling and the other parent is more passive. Hybrid cases MUST be managed via the court and must involve contact being lengthened significantly as soon as the child is in a contact relationship.”

Karen Woodall

Following on from recent posts about discussion in the UK around the issue of parental alienation I thought I would share information that we have written recently on working to international standards of practice in cases of parental alienation.

Anyone practising in the field of parental alienation should be aware of the international research which is prolific and which is increasingly being collated and made available. Failing to work to the proven standards of practice in this field is therefore not difficult and it is unethical in my view for anyone who says that they are expert in treating cases of parental alienation to not to be able to demonstrate both their understanding AND their expertise in delivering successful outcomes for children in this field.  And let us be clear, delivering successful outcomes in cases of parental alienation is about helping children to reunite with a rejected parent using the…

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