| Washington man beaten to death by police as he cried for help in front of witnesses!

Washington man beaten to death by police as he cried for help in front of witnesses ~ Police State USA.

“I knew last night they were gonna kill that man,” said one eyewitness.

The apartment parking lot where police confronted Ron Hillstrom. (Source: KOMO)

UNIVERSITY PLACE, WA — A man having a mental episode was brutally beaten to death with flashlights, batons, and tasers as horrified onlookers watched.  Witnesses and video confirm the man was crying out for help as repeated blows from police officers fell upon him in a darkened parking lot.

Ron Hillstrom (Source: KOMO)

Police were called to the parking lot of an apartment complex on Sunday, May 11th, to talk to a man who appeared to be having a delusional episode.   That man was 44-year-old Ron Hillstrom.

A neighbor, Ashley Patterson, told KOMO Newsthat she saw the whole thing.  “He was kinda running around like this,” Patterson demonstrated, by running around in a circle.  “He was like, ‘Help me, help me! Call the police! Call the police!’”

“They’re out to get me! They’re trying to set me up!” a second eyewitness told KOMO that she heard Hillstrom plea.

Around 9:45 p.m., Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies approached Mr. Hillstrom.

“I see four officers walking up on him and they’re like, ‘It’s the police,’ and he’s like ‘You’re not the police’, and he goes to run in the circle and as soon as he comes back the police used four tasers at one time,” Patterson recalled.

“And then they started beating him. And they just weren’t done until he was dead. Bam, bam, bam. It was horrible. It was absolutely horrific.”

The commotion brought out dozens of witnesses from their apartments, who saw the encounter and shared similar accounts.  Cell phones began recording videos of the encounter.

Deputies could be seen on top of Mr. Hillstrom, striking him and tasing him as he struggled.  “Help! Help me,” he cried.

“One cop had his knee right on his neck, holding him down,” a third witness told KOMO.  “The other one was down by his feet and two were on each side of him.”

“And then they started beating him. And they just weren’t done until he was dead,” a forth witness said.  “Bam, bam, bam,” she demonstrated.  “It was horrible.  It was absolutely horrific.”

Hillstrom was taken into custody and died one hour and fifteen minutes later.

“I knew last night they were gonna kill that man,” Patterson said, visibly shaken by the incident.  “You beat this man to death last night for no reason and we caught you. Period.”

A darkened image of a baton strike from the cell phone video of Ron Hillstrom's final hour alive. (Source: KOMO)

Unsurprisingly, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office defended the use of force, claiming that Mr. Hillstrom “charged” at deputies.  They claim that he “resisted” while on the ground and that force was warranted.  Police justified the multiple taser shocks and the blows against the man as a means to force him to drop a screwdriver he had been holding, although they did not claim that he tried to use it as a weapon.

Witnesses reject that Mr. Hillstrom was ever a threat.

“No, he did not charge the police, he was just doing what he was doing before the police came,” said the second eyewitness.

“It appears that this is a guy who was reaching out for help, literally requesting help and instead of getting help was given a death sentence,” said family attorney Nathan Roberts.

The official autopsy report has not been completed.  The officers involved are on paid administrative leave.

Watch the coverage from KOMO News:


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1 thought on “| Washington man beaten to death by police as he cried for help in front of witnesses!

  1. Ron Hillstrom was a good friend of mine and much more, he was a son, brother, father and uncle, what these 4 “officers” did to him that night was horrific, they acted as Ron’s Judge, Jury and eventually his Executioner, what gave them the right to do so, that job is intended for one and one only! It takes 4 grown men to subdue ONE man, men who took an oath to “Protect and Serve ” our communities, I don’t see how they protected anyone, and the only thing they served was their “egos!” While my friend was being laid to rest, they were and still are on a “Paid Vacation”, their only recourse for his murder was Ed Troyer saying on the news, “Mr. Hillstrom was well versed in the criminal justice system with 26 prior arrests”- what does his past history have to do with them tasing him and beating him with their flashlights after he was on the ground, rendered helpless have to do with things that happened years ago? Those “officers” in my opinion, should have had to go view his body as I did the day before his funeral, and look at what they did to him, also stated on the local news, “there were no apparent blows to Hillstroms head” that statement needs to be retracted, without going into detail, you could clearly see the shape of their flashlights where he was struck in his temple, the back of his head and his eye! Then after seeing their “handy-work” sit through his funeral and see all of his friends and family, and how much he means/meant to everyone of us! It would be easier, for me if he was in a fatal car accident, at least then I would know why and how he died, there is a constant reel of that video that plays in my mind if his last minutes alive, if they did nothing wrong, why did they insist that some of the witnesses delete the footage of what just occurred? Why couldn’t they have used MACE, a potentially non-lethal form to subdue him, I would rather have him here with me and his family and friends blind rather than what happened to him! I will never understand why this happened, I will NEVER stop seeking justice for my dear friend, Ronald Ray Hillstroms, check out his page on Facebook:Justice for Ron Hillstrom, help us stop this so another family doesn’t have to visit their child at a cemetery! R.I.P. Ron- Chanda Rae


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