| BREAKING: Now China sends warships + 1000 marines to Syria!

BREAKING: China Sends Warships & 1000 Marines to Syria, Accuses the U.S. of lying About Syria And Ignoring International Laws. Russia Sends another Amphibous Assault Ship. Turkey Sends More Troops to Syria Border ~ InvestmentWatch.

Report: Russia sends another navy ship towards Syria

MOSCOW – Russia is sending its large landing ship Nikolai Filchenkov towards the Syrian coast, state news agency Interfax quoted a navy source as saying on Friday.

Western naval sources reported Friday that a Chinese landing craft, the Jinggangshan, with a 1,000-strong marine battalion had reached the Red Sea en route for the Mediterranean off Syria.


China is accusing the U.S. of lying about Syria. They say the U.S. has made a mess of Iraq and Afghanistan. They wrote it was the Rebels that committed the chemical attack and the U.S is ignoring that fact as they want war for political reasons.




Report: China Sends Warships to Coast of Syria


U.S. Already Has Military Forces Well Within Range For A Syrian Strike


Turkey sends more troops to Syria border




hypocrisy meterC

| Leaked Documents show rebels behind chemical attack as US frames Syria!

| Leaked Documents show rebels behind chemical attack as US frames Syria! 

Leaked Documents – US Framed Syria in Chemical Weapons Attack!

On August 21st, 2013 chemical weapons were used the Syrian conflict yet again. Western powers, the U.S. and France in particular enthusiastically didn’t hesitate for even a moment to take advantage of the tragedy, decrying it as a crime against humanity and using it as a springboard to announce their preparations for military strikes against the Syrian government. 

Make no mistake this was a crime against humanity… but the gas was NOT used by the Syrian government, it was used by the NATO backed rebels. In this video we’re going to show you definitive evidence to support this claim and we’re going to explain the U.S. and NATO’s motive for committing such an atrocity. The leaked documents that we are going to be presenting are available for you to download yourself. You’ll find a in a link in the description to that download and you’ll also find links to the mainstream articles we used in our research.

Leaked Britam Defence Syrian documents for download:http://stormcloudsgathering.com/leake

Chemical weapons confirmed in Syrian conflict:http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/story/20

U.S. helped Saddam as he was using chemical weapons on Iran:http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles

CIA and Mossad both say the Iran hasn’t even made the decision to seek a nuclear weapon: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy

Iran and Syria confront US with defense pact:

Iran already sending troops to Syria: http://rt.com/news/iran-troop-deploym

The proxy war in Syria: http://www.globalresearch.ca/americas

The U.S. funneling weapons to rebels through Qatar:http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/world


Russia opposes arming militants in Syria:

Russia warns Syria/Iran Crisis may go nuclear:http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/0

UK Quatar plot to frame Syria for Chemical weapons:

The March 19th, 2013 Sarin Attack:
Israel and the U.S. blame Assad:

Obama’s red line: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/world

U.N. launches their own probe:http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/0

According to the U.N. investigation the March 19th chemical weapons attack turned out to be committed by the rebels:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middl

Russia agrees: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/0

The August 21st, 2013 Chemical Attack:
Syrian soldiers enter rebel tunnels, find chemical agents

Video from attack apparently shows the rockets were small and primitive:

Iran says they have proof rebels used chemical weapons:

Turkey finds sarin gas in homes of suspected Syrian Islamists

FSA says they are going to use chemical weapons from now on:http://www.israelnationalnews.com/New

To Youtube copyright reviewers:
Audio and animations were created by StormCloudsGathering using Reason 7, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Files available for proof on request.

Courtesy: http://stormcloudsgathering.com/leake…

| RT’s Truthseeker: Obama’s arrest, Bush’s trial! (12:22)

| RT’s Truthseeker: Obama’s arrest, Bush’s trial! (12:22) ~ YouTube.

“We’ll get Bush in the US” the world’s top war crimes prosecutor tells The Truthseeker after Dubya’s deputies warn him against travel, lawyers file for Obama’s arrest tomorrow when he hits South Africa, huge secret wars in America’s name being masked from the folks funding them.

Seek truth from facts with Yousha Tayob of the Muslim Lawyers Association, leading war crimes prosecutor Francis Boyle, Senior Staff Attorney Katherine Gallagher of New York‘s Center for Constitutional Rights which stopped Bush’s first trip after his waterboarding admission, Marjorie Cohn, author of Cowboy Republic: Six Ways the Bush Gang Has Defied the Law, and former NSA intelligence officer Scott Rickard.

Courtesy: RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios.


Assault Weapon 1

Bush Angry

| Undercover cop: ‘How I spied on Stephen Lawrence campaign!’

| Undercover cop: ‘How I spied on Stephen Lawrence campaign!’ (7:39) ~ YouTube.

In extracts from a joint Guardian and Channel 4 Dispatches investigation, police whistleblower Peter Francis reveals disturbing details about his undercover deployment. His full story is detailed in the book Undercover: The True Story of Britain’s Secret Police, by Rob Evans and Paul Lewis.

Paul Lewis, Rob Evans, Guy Grandjean, Alex Purcell and Mustafa Khalili

Source: The Guardian / Channel 4 Dispatches
Length: 7min 39sec, Monday 24 June 2013



UK police stateA


| Anonymous – Operation Rohingya: Ethnic cleansing yet no news coverage? Silence is complicity!

| Rohingya: Ethnic cleansing yet no news coverage? Silence is complicity!

Activists take to social media to raise awareness about Myanmar’s Rohingya.

Greetings Citizens of the World.
It is vital the information we are going to share with you is made viral as quickly as possible. The ethnic Rohingya people of Myanmar Burma in Southeast Asia are about to be massacred. Barbarous acts are being carried out by Neo-Nazi racist groups like the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, Arakan Liberation Army, NaSaKa border police and 969 monks led by Monk Wirathu, the self proclaimed Bin Laden of Buddhism. The Government of Myanmar is orchestrating these crimes.

The persecution of the Rohingya people is severe. The Burmese junta considers them to be sub-human and denies them almost all basic human rights. They are subject to torture, gang rape, starvation, slave labor, and forced to reside in the most dire camps in the world – some call these refugee camps but they are actually concentration camps. Over the past few months, thousands of Rohingya have been encouraged onto boats and sent out to sea with not enough food or fuel, and left there to die. Many boats were attacked and sunk, with women and children on board.

Already the violence in Burma has spread beyond the Rohingya to include all Muslims, with ‘warm ups’ to the anticipated massacre taking place against Burmese Muslims in Meiktila, Naypyidaw and Yangon. Dead and burning bodies, including children, are now lying in the streets. 

While the United States claims to defend human rights, their record clearly reflects a government that will only intercede when their business interests are threatened. While politicians occasionally pay lip service to the horrific conditions in Myanmar no action is ever taken. The only people neglecting the situation in Myanmar worse than the U.S. are the press who consistently ignored these atrocities or reported them as ‘ethnic clashes’. We consider the media to be complicit in concealing them from the rest of the world.

The Rohingya have been told to expect a third massacre starting the last week in March. Rakhine have declared they will leave no Rohingya left on the land, just a few left as exhibits for the museum.

The acts of genocide being committed against the Rohingya people must no longer be ignored. We call on the Anonymous collective to stand with those for whom no one else will stand. We call on Anonymous and all supporters of human rights to stand against this great injustice, to give the Rohingya a voice, before they are completely eliminated.

Operation Rohingya engaged.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Tyrants of the world, expect us!


| Rohingya: Burma communal rioting spreads outside Meiktila! 


| Fox reporter punched in face who’d tweeted if anyone invades personal space, you should “hit them. Hard!”

Fox news reporter who tweeted if anyone invades personal space, you should “hit them. Hard” gets punched in the face. ~ Matt Gratz, PF.


Steven Crowder, a conservative comedian and Fox News contributor propagandist, was punched in the face and the news state propaganda outlet’s tents were dismantled by union workers outside the Capitol Building in Lansing today during an aggressive protest.

Thousands of union workers and their supports gathered at the Capital to express their anger over the passing of a so called ‘right to work’ bill which limits the power of labor unions.

It looks like some in the working class are ready to fight back against the monster that is this all consuming society, from state propagandists to the legislators.

And for those who don’t believe in karma, this past election day Crowder told his 50,000+ followers on Twitter that if anyone invades their personal space they should “hit them. Hard.”

Police in riot gear later cleared the area, pepper spraying and physically removing some who resisted dispersal orders.



| UN Holds Urgent Security Council Meeting – US Stands With Israel!

UN Holds Urgent Security Council Meeting, US Stands With Israel ~ Vijay Prashad, The Real News.com

Vijay Prashad: US blocks UN Security Council from condemning Israeli attack on Gaza

Watch full multipart The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza


Vijay Prashad is a professor of international studies at Trinity College. Among the many books he has authored are The Darker Nations: A People’s History of the Third World and Arab Spring, Libyan Winter. He also writes regularly for Asia Times Online,Frontline magazine and Counterpunch.



JESSICA DESVARIEUX, PRODUCER, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Jessica Desvarieux in Baltimore.

This week was a big week for the United States and the UN. And here to discuss all this is Vijay Prashad. Vijay Prashad is a professor of international studies at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. His latest books include Uncle Swami: South Asians in America and Arab Spring, Libyan Winter. And he writes regularly for Frontline magazine and CounterPunch. Thank you for joining us, Vijay.


DESVARIEUX: So, Vijay, tell us a little bit about the Security Council meeting that happened on November 14.

PRASHAD: Well, November 14, in the evening, the Moroccans and the Egyptians called for an emergency Security Council meeting to discuss the Israeli attack on Gaza. I mean, you know, the question of Gaza has been a simmering one. There’ve been a series of UN discussions not only on Gaza but on Israel’s settlement policy in the West Bank. Very recently, on November 6, there was an important meeting where the UN cautioned Israel for what it called a flagrant violation of the agriculture in the West Bank. You know, Israel had begun this policy and really, you know, started again this policy of uprooting olive trees, and this was at a time of the olive harvest. So the UN has been consistently trying to raise questions about Israeli action in the occupied territories and Gaza.

You know, these areas are under Israeli occupation. There is no sovereign nation of Palestine. There is no sovereign Gaza. So when the attack took place on Gaza, the attack did not take place of one country fighting another; it was an occupying power using disproportionate force against a place which it has held under occupation since 1967.

In that context, the Egyptians, Moroccans, and others called for an emergency session. At the emergency session, the various countries, the 15 members of the council at this time, all said that something must be done. The president of the council at this point is the UN permanent representative from India, Hardeep Singh Puri, and after the meeting, he said there was unanimity in the council, that something had to be done, that the situation was atrocious.

The problem was that there was no, as it were, agreement on what should go forward, and therefore the council was paralyzed. In other words, most of the 15 members of the council at this time said that Israel should be condemned for the use of disproportionate force, not only, you know, the extrajudicial assassination of Hamas members and suchlike, but also the bombing of, say, water towers. You know, what does a water tower outside Khan Yunis have to do with the firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel? Why was a water tower targeted? So these were the kind of questions they raise.

But the United States blocked any attempt at crafting a resolution. And Ambassador Susan Rice made it very clear that the real culprit here was not the Israeli government, but Hamas. And this was a curious thing, because she spoke of the conflict as if it was a conflict between two governments, two sovereign governments, and therefore the United Nationshas to come in and condemn both governments. You know, she wanted a kind of proportionality in condemnation, even though the war is a fundamentally disproportionate war. And that’s what the Egyptians had raised.

What Susan Rice was following is a doctrine laid out in 2002 which is called the Negroponte doctrine. This is after the ambassador John Negroponte, who, when he was at the UN, made it very clear that the United States will always block in the UN various forms of the UN—the United States will always block any criticism of Israel. You know, that is known as the Negroponte doctrine. And since 2002, in fact predating 2002, this has been precisely what the United States has done.

Any time there has been an attempt to censure Israel, whether it was for the invasion of Lebanon in 2006, Operation Cast Leadagainst Gaza in 2009, or on November 14 against the so-called Operation Pillar of Defense or Pillar of Cloud, however you translate the Hebrew, at each of these moments, it’s been the United States that’s blocked any attempt to have a serious discussion about Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands and of the kind of violence utilized, you know, the F-16s, Apache helicopters, you know, highly disproportionate violence, because when they talk about Palestinian rockets, what they’re talking about is cylindrical tubes fired by fertilizer, where the actual bomb material is a combination of TNT and urea, which is, again, fertilizer. This doesn’t compare at all to the use of F-16 bombers, you know, offshore naval crafts that bomb Gaza, and the use of Apache helicopters.

The essence of the UN Security Council meeting was that it was paralysis. One has to remember that it was Ambassador Susan Rice who was highly moralistic when the Russians and the Chinese blocked a resolution in February of this year against the Syrian government, and she said that any blood that is spilled henceforth in Syria will be on the hands of the Chinese and Russians. If we follow Susan Rice’s own standard, one should then say that any blood spilled in Gaza after November 4 is on the hands of the United States government. And I think that is a very harsh indictment, using her own standard against herself.

DESVARIEUX: Vijay, what do you make of the media’s portrayal of this Hamas leader? They’re calling him a military commander, Ahmed al-Jaabari. What are you hearing from other sources outside of the United States?

PRASHAD: There is no question that Jaabari was the head of the military wing of Hamas. That is without question. What was very interesting was on November 15 there was a frontpage story in Haaretz newspaper, a liberal newspaper published in Israel, which suggested that just a few hours before Mr. Jaabari was assassinated, he had received the most recent draft of a negotiating document, you know, which suggests that Hamas and the Israeli government or sections in the Israeli government had been conducting back-channel negotiations about a peace agreement.

You know, this is the first I had ever heard of such a back-channel negotiation, and indeed it’s quite a stunning, you know, development. If indeed Mr. Jaabari was in the middle of conducting some kind of backdoor peace agreement and yet he was targeted by the Israeli state, what does this tell us about the seriousness at this time of the Israeli government to make a peace agreement with Hamas? It’s also, I think, important to remember that in 2006, when Hamas won the election in the Gaza section of the Palestinian territories, when they won the election, the leader of Hamas wrote a letter to George W. Bush saying that he would be ready to have a truce with Israel if Israel released itself, returned to the 1967 borders.

And also there was some other questions that he raised in that letter. That letter, which was simply the opening of a negotiation, went unanswered. The Bush administration essentially threw it in the bin and said Hamas is a terrorist organization. So these developments, that unanswered letter from 2006, if indeed it was the case that Jaabari was involved in some kind of negotiation, you know, the assassination of Jaabari, these put in serious doubt the question of, you know, whether the United States, as a so-called honest broker, or Israel are actually very much engaged with a kind of peace agenda. Or does this reveal to us that they are not actually interested in a peace agreement with the Palestinian people, but would like to continue this kind of occupation where they change the facts on the ground, suffocate Gaza, and in the end somehow miraculously make the problem of the Palestinians disappear?

DESVARIEUX: We’ll certainly be tracking this story here on The Real News. Thank you, Vijay, for joining us.

PRASHAD: Thanks a lot.

DESVARIEUX: And thank you for joining us on The Real News Network.



Double-crossing everybody it deals with Israel has again willfully sabotaged peace in order to perpetuate conflict.
Adding insult to injury Israel then barefacedly blames Palestinians for its own belligerence and violence. 

A Summary of UN Security Council Resolutions on Palestine since 1948

Make no mistake, Israel, by deliberately breaking a truce ahead of its own elections with the unwavering and complicit support of the US, is heading toward a full-scale military offensive on Gaza, leading to a far bloodier situation than expected, and has hugely miscalculated both the wider situation on the ground as well as its own precarious grip on reality, regionally and globally.

Just wait and see how it all backfires this time as Israel has again demonstrated its own implacable hostility to peace …


| TruthTeller: Why it is Tony Blair and not me who should be in the dock on 16 November!

Why it is Tony Blair and not me who should be in the dock on 16 November ~ David Lawley-Wakelin,Tony Blair WatchStop the War Coalition.

David Lawley-Wakelin has been charged under the public order act 1986 for using threatening abusive or insulting words or behavior that may have caused someone harassment, alarm or distress.

Wrong Man in the Dock protest
Friday 16 November 9am 
Highgate Court House, Bishops Road
London N6 4HS Map…

On 27 May 2012, anti-war protester David Lawley-Wakelin interrupted Tony Blair, as he was giving evidence at Leveson Inquiry into the British press and the phone-hacking scandal, shouting, “Excuse me, this man should be arrested for war crimes.” Lord Leveson duly apologised to the war criminal and truth-teller Lawley-Wakelin was taken away by the police.

He has now been charged under the Public Order Act 1986 for using threatening abusive or insulting words or behavior that may have caused someone harassment alarm or distress.

Unlike Tony Blair, who has not been charged with anything, despite conspiring with George W Bush in waging an illegal war against Iraq, which killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, drove four million from their homes, and devastated the country.

Instead of being held to account for his lies to parliament and the British public, Blair has been free to accumulate huge wealth — estimated at over £60 million — often by exploiting the contacts he made in the war on Iraq.

David Lawley-Wakelin will appear in court on 16 November.

David Lawley-Wakelin bursts into Leveson Inquiry as Tony Blair is giving evidence: “Excuse me, this man should be arrested for war crimes.”


David Lawley-Wakelin is led by police from the Leveson Inquiry after his attempt to arrest Tony Blair.

Why it is Tony Blair and not me who should be in the dock

By David Lawley-Wakelin

My Mother and Father fought for this country in the 2nd world war seeing off the imperialist evil that was Hitler and the Nazis. My father was in the Normandy landings whilst my mother witnessed the blitz finding herself evacuated from her home.

When I was just three months old they adopted me bringing me up in a very stable loving home. After all they did for me and being a British citizen of this country my conscience will not just allow me to stand by whilst our nation’s good name has been criminally disgraced.

As a nation we are being asked to turn a blind eye to what millions of us believe: that former prime minister Tony Blair, in a conspiracy with George W Bush, deceived us into a corrupt and illegal Iraq war that took the lives of over half a million people. Since he left office he has has accumulated tune over £60 million on the back of his lies.

Ministers may well be dishonest about their expense claims, they may well be dishonest about their dealings with the press, but if there is one thing a Prime minister must be absolutely honest about then surely its his country’s decision to go to war, as that is obviously the one decision that might just involve the loss of somebody else’s life.

The lies that Blair told have been highlighted time an time again. In his dodgy dossier, Blair said it was beyond doubt that Saddam Hussein had WMD which could be ready within 45 minutes. There was no evidence for this claim.

Alistair Campbell persistently denied that the dodgy dossier was ‘sexed up’, when he had in fact demanded fifteen changes to one draft,

The intelligence services were telling Blair that the intelligence on Saddam’s weapons was ‘ limited’, yet two weeks later he was telling the House of Commons that it was ‘extensive detailed and authoritative’.

Why did Blair not accept the original advice of the then Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, that the war was illegal? Major Tim Cross and Claire Short had told Blair that the plans for post war Iraq were inadequate and that the war should be delayed. Blair ignored them.

Knowing that Iraq was crippled from 10 years of sanctions, George W Bush and Tony Blair believed the war would be over in months. No one would then care or notice, five years later, the business deals that were to follow. Blair predicted that after he left office it would all be old news, swept under the carpet. However just six months after he left office, and while the war was still raging with hundreds of lives being lost every week, he was already starting to sign deals.

The world is now perilously close to another war in the Middle East. I believe if we could bring Bush and Blair to trial for their war crimes, there will be an enormous shake up in the world which could prevent future imperialist wars.

The Public Order Act 1986 — under which I have been charged with causing “distress” to the war criminal Blair — states that in my defense I need to demonstrate that my conduct was reasonable. I will of course be pleading not guilty, which will enable me to make a statement and call witnesses. I am asking anyone who attended the Levison Inquiry when I made my protest, and is prepared to be called as a witness in my defence, to call me on 07976 281 311 or email davidlawleyw@gmail.com

When I appear in court on Friday 16 November, please come and support me, if you can — from the public gallery or outside as part of the Wrong man in the Dock protest, 9am, Highgate Court House, Bishops Road, London N6 4HS.



| Vid: 2:14: Exclusive footage of Taliban attack in Afghanistan!

Footage shows Taliban attack in Afghanistan ~ Al Jazeera.


Al Jazeera has obtained video of the Taliban preparing to launch an attack on a U.S. base in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Khost


Turning over control of security to Afghanistan’s national forces was never going to be an easy task.

Al Jazeera has obtained video of the Taliban preparing to launch an attack on a US base in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Khost.

The Taliban offensive in June killed two American soldiers and injured dozens more.

Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reports.


| Obama’s Secret Kill List “The Most Radical Power a Govt Can Seize!”

Obama’s Secret Kill List “The Most Radical Power a Government Can Seize” ~ Glenn Greenwald, DemocracyNow.org



The New York Times revealed this week that President Obama personally oversees a “secret kill list” containing the names and photos of individuals targeted for assassination in the U.S. drone war. According to the Times, Obama signs off on every targeted killing in Yemen and Somalia and the more complex or risky strikes in Pakistan.

Individuals on the list include U.S. citizens, as well teenage girls as young as 17 years old. “The President of the United States believes he has the power to order people killed — in total secrecy, without any due process, without transparency or oversight of any kind,” says Glenn Greenwald, a constitutional law attorney and political and legal blogger for Salon.com.

“I really do believe it’s literally the most radical power that a government and president can seize, and yet the Obama administration has seized [it] and exercised it aggressively with little controversy.”


Obama personally oversees Al-Qaeda ‘kill list’: report ~ Yahoo News, AFP.

US President Barack Obama has personally overseen a top-secret process for determining which Al-Qaeda suspects should be placed on a “kill list,” the New York Times reported Tuesday.

The Times, citing dozens of top officials and former advisers, said the administration had developed what it termed the “kill list” as part of a stepped-up drone war against Al-Qaeda and its affiliates inPakistan and Yemen.

“He is determined that he will make these decisions about how far and wide these operations will go,” it quoted National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon as saying.

“His view is that he’s responsible for the position of the United States in the world… He’s determined to keep the tether pretty short.”

The Times described the top-secret process, which begins with some 100 counter-terrorism officials sifting through biographies and “nominating” suspects in Yemen and Somalia to be added to the kill list during a secure video conference run by the Pentagon.

The CIA carries out a separate process for suspects in Pakistan, it said.

The nominations then go to Obama, who signs off on every strike in Yemen and Somalia and also on especially complex and risky strikes in Pakistan — about a third of the total, the Times said.

Obama personally approves the killing of top suspects, such as Qaeda preacher Anwar al-Awlaqi — a US citizen — who was killed by a US drone strike in Yemen last year.

The Times quoted former White House chief of staff William Daley as saying that Obama called the decision to strike Awlaqi “an easy one,” but Daley said some officials had expressed some qualms about the kill list.

“One guy gets knocked off, and the guy’s driver, who’s No. 21, becomes 20?” the Times quoted Daley as saying. “At what point are you just filling the bucket with numbers?”

The Times also described an internal debate over the administration’s disputed method for counting casualties, in which men of fighting age within striking distance of a suspect are considered militants.

It quoted one official as saying that Al-Qaeda was an insular, paranoid organization that would keep its distance from outsiders.

But others said the Obama administration’s claim that the number of civilians killed in drone strikes in Pakistan was in the “single digits” was unrealistic.