| Frankie Boyle joins hunger strike in support of Guantánamo prisoner!

Frankie Boyle joins hunger strike in support of Guantánamo prisoner ~ The Guardian.

Scottish comedian tweets updates to fans while fasting to protest treatment of last British detainee Shaker Aamer.

Frankie Boyle

Frankie Boyle: fasting felt ‘a bit like being drunk’. Photograph: Linda Nylind for the Guardian

Comedian Frankie Boyle has started a hunger strike in solidarity withGuantánamo Bay prisoner Shaker Aamer, who has been striking for 150 days.

Boyle began fasting yesterday, joining Aamer’s lawyer Clive Stafford Smith, who had already been fasting for seven days. Stafford Smith had previously tweeted that the comic was prepared to “take over from me when I fall” in theprotest, which aims to raise awareness of Guantanamo prisoners on hunger strike, some of whom have reportedly been force-fed.

Boyle has been posting updates on his Twitter feed, after sending his congratulations to Stafford Smith for his actions so far. Yesterday, he signalled the start of his shift by tweeting, “There’s no feeling on earth like being on hunger strike in a Dutch beach bar while they blast out Abba’s Dancing Queen.” Hours later, he added: “Well Day 1 of hunger not too bad. But let’s remember who’s really suffering. My local pizza shop. I jest.”

This morning, he described the start of his second day as feeling “a bit like being drunk.”

According to Stafford Smith, British actress Julie Christie has also agreed to undertake a week of the joint hunger strike.

Aamer is the last British resident imprisoned in Guantánamo, where he has been held without charge since 2002.

As of Saturday, 96 of the 166 prisoners at the detention centre were still being classified as hunger strikers by the US army, down from a high of 106.

Human rights lawyers claim those figures are being wilfully underestimated.

Aamer has twice attempted to pass Stafford Smith a list of those striking, but on both occasions names have been deleted by army censors. On 14 June, Aamer wrote a letter claiming “for sure” that 120 prisoners were on strike, despite an official count of 104.

In December, Boyle donated his £50,000 compensation from a libel action against the Daily Mirror to Aamer’s legal fund.


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| For when Truth is stranger than fiction: ‘Vide Cor Meum’ ~ See My Heart!

Vide Cor Meum ~ See My Heart.

Performed in Latin here is a version of Vide Cor Meum [from the movie Hannibal] complete with English Translation as a poignant reminder of our need to face up to sometimes uncomfortable Truths in order to find our way forward.

Take a look and, truly, what do you feel and see?

Vide Cor Meum is a song composed by Patrick Cassidy based on Dante’s “La Vita Nuova“, specifically on the sonnet “A ciascun’alma presa”, in chapter 3 of the Vita Nuova. The song was produced by Patrick Cassidy and Hans Zimmer and was performed by Libera / Lyndhurst Orchestrathe, conducted by Gavin Greenaway. Singers are Danielle de Niese and Bruno Lazzaretti, who play Beatrice and Dante, respectively.

The song first appeared in the movie Hannibal, while Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Inspector Pazzi see an outdoor opera in Florence, and was especially composed for the movie. This opera piece was chosen to be performed at the Oscars in 2002 during the presentation of a lifetime achievement award to producer Dino De Laurentiis and at the 53rd Annual Emmy awards.

It was used later in Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, during King Baldwin IV’s funeral.



Chorus: E pensando di lei – And thinking of her
Mi sopragiunse uno soave sonno- Sweet sleep overcame me

Ego dominus tuus – I am your master
Vide cor tuum – See your heart
E d’esto core ardendo – And of this burning heart
Cor tuum – Your heart
(Chorus: Lei paventosa) – (Chorus: She trembling)
Umilmente pascea. – Obediently eats.
Appreso gir lo ne vedea piangendo. – Weeping, I saw him then depart from me.

La letizia si convertia – Joy is converted
In amarissimo pianto – To bitterest tears

Io sono in pace – I am in peace
Cor meum – My heart
Io sono in pace – I am in peace
Vide cor meum – See my heart


Chorus: E pensando di lei
Mi sopragiunse uno soave sonno

Ego dominus tuus
Vide cor tuum
E d’esto core ardendo
Cor tuum
(Chorus: Lei paventosa)
Umilmente pascea.
Appresso gir lo ne vedea piangendo.

La letizia si convertia
In amarissimo pianto

Io sono in pace
Cor meum
Io sono in pace
Vide cor meum

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in Truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” 

― Khalil Gibran

| Thought of the day!

Thought of the day

“The common sense of mankind demands that law shall not stop with the punishment of petty crimes by little people.

It must also reach men who possess themselves of great power and make deliberative and concerted use of it to set in motion evils which leave no home in the world untouched.”

~ Justice Robert Jackson; Nuremberg address.

‎| Terrorism has the same relationship to true religion as infidelity has to marriage. Zionism has perverted the course of international law and justice ever since its unnatural birth by abortion.