| Racial Justice: Zionist fear-mongering is anti-semitic!

Racial Justice:  Dave Kersting: Zionist Fear-Mongering Is Anti-Semitic ~ Dave Kersting.

No one’s ethnic or religious “distinctiveness” or “identity” are infringed by living as equals with others.

Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism ? or 

Zionist Fear-Mongering Is Anti-Semitic? 

In “Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism” (The Guardian UK Saturday November 29, 2003) Emanuele Ottolenghi pinpoints a crucial lie in the Zionist effort to fool the Jewish people and frighten them into further “need” for Zionist “defenders.”

Mr. Ottolenghi says, “Anti-Zionists are prepared to treat Jews equally and fight anti-Semitic prejudice only if Jews give up their distinctiveness as a nation: Jews as a nation deserve no sympathy and no rights..”

In this, Mr. Ottolenghi skips past the fatal flaw of Zionism – that it demands official “Jewish” dominion in Palestine, despite the fact that such dominion requires perpetual ethnic crimes against the ethnically unsuited original population, which had to be ethnically-cleansed, in order to make lebensraum for the “Jewish” state.

What is so grossly false about Mr. Ottolenghi’s statement – a standard Zionist pretense – is it surreptitiously denies the crime in question: an undisputed and crucial fact of history, THE ENTIRE POINT of anti-Zionism, and what the fighting is all about in the first place. Zionism cannot win support, even among its own constituency, without lying to them or inducing them to share in the lie.

No progressive anti-Zionist doubts the legitimacy of “Jews as a nation.” It is simply absurd to pretend that such legitimacy requires or excuses terrible crimes against the ethnically unsuited families in a region expropriated for a “Jewish” state. In the Zionist lie, opposing racist crimes, in themselves, is falsely equated with declaring that Jews should “give up their distinctiveness as a nation” and that “Jews as a nation deserve no sympathy and no rights.”

No one’s ethnic or religious “distinctiveness” or “identity” are infringed by living as equals with others.

If we oppose armed robbery of grocery stores, we are not saying that the robbers have no right to eat. But that is exactly the error the robbers and the Zionists, like Mr. Ottolenghi, would like us to make. Civilized people simply require each other to find fair – and sustainable – ways of exercising their human rights.

Every anti-Zionist I have known in thirty years, including the Jewish anti-Zionists, has been way more than “prepared” – “to treat Jews equally and fight anti-Semitic prejudice..” It is silly to claim that this long-standing commitment awaits Jewish rejection of Zionist crimes. It is easy to oppose ethnic prejudice, without mimicking it and becoming preoccupied with the ethnicities of the racists.

Only a racist has difficulty with that point. No doubt, that is why Zionists are so commonly – and rather too obviously – fixated on the “Arab” ethnicity of their victims and regional adversaries. And the special Zionist definition of “self-determination,” as invoked by Mr. Ottolenghi – not a human right of geographic populations, but an ethnic right, which can override human rights and justify ethnic-cleansing – is as virulent a doctrine of aggressive racism as one can find.

As public attention is increasingly drawn to the realities of Zionism, the Zionists can defend themselves only with transparent efforts to muddle the key questions – efforts which require a degree of stupidity or fear effective for a rapidly shrinking portion of the population. Decking silly lies in academic claptrap is just another transparent facet of the trick.

Meanwhile, people of normal intelligence see such efforts among the proliferating red-flags of Zionist criminality.


Testimony by Dr. Ilan Pappe on Genocide in Palestine by Israel

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Hearing on Palestine–Testimony by Dr. Ilan Pappe.

On November 22, 2013, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (KLWCT) went into the third day of the hearing on genocide and war crimes charges against the State of Israel and Amos Yaron, a retired Israeli army general.

The tribunal heard the testimony of renowned historian and socialist activist, Prof Ilan Pappe, who informed the tribunal about the systematic ethnic cleansing via expulsion and killing of the Palestinians from their homeland since 1948. Three witnesses from West Bank also gave an account of their trials and tribulations under the Israelis.

The testimony of Dr. Pappe was an interesting and revealing account of the Israeli leadership strategy to rid the Palestinians from their homeland since the 1940s. He testified that the expulsions were not decided on an ad hoc basis, as other historians have argued, but constituted the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, in accordance with Plan Dalet drawn up in 1947 by Israel’s leaders then.

He testified that the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 constituted ethnic cleansing, as the Zionists movement was not concerned with the native people. He revealed that it was as early as in the 1940s when it began deliberating the fate of the indigenous people of Palestine and that they wanted to take over Palestine with as little Palestinians in it by having them leave voluntarily or be forced out.

He further revealed that from 1948 until 1949, the plan was enforced by Israeli forces to cleanse villages and towns of Palestinians by encircling the villages/towns from three flanks to intimidate the residents into leaving by leaving one flank open. Some 530 villages were wiped out physically. Under the partition plan, 56% of the land was to be handed to Israel wherein the 2/3 of the population was Palestinians. In the end, 93% of the land came under the control of Israel and 750,000 Palestinians were left out as refugees in neighbouring countries, in Gaza and West Bank. After the 1967 war, Gaza and West Bank were occupied.

He added that having taken over most of Palestine territories, the policy changed from expelling to destroying the Palestinians. Hence, the Sabra & Shatilla massacre was an attempt to destroy Palestinians in Lebanon.

He told the tribunal that the use of military action against Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank was considered genocidal against people who cannot defend themselves. Military operations such as Summer Rains, Autumn Clouds, and Cast Lead were just to kill the Palestinians and destroy the economy, culture and their spirit.

In cross-examination by Amicus Curiae Jason Kay, Prof Pappe agreed that his view of history is a minority view and that while he is grateful that the Zionist movement had saved his parents from the Nazi holocaust for which he is grateful; however, the moral way is to live together with the Palestinians, not expel and kill them.

| Alison Weir’s open letter to the head of the ADL‏!

Dear Abe Foxman,

Thank you! Our organization, If Americans Knew, is enormously honored by our inclusion in your recent Top Ten list of “anti-Israel groups” – in reality, organizations working most strenuously and effectively to oppose Israel’s brutal human rights abuses and violent ethnic cleansing project.

As you note, hundreds of such groups “operate in the U.S. today,” and, I might add, a great many of them produce profoundly valuable work. This makes us particularly honored to have been included among the ten most effective.

Your organization apparently finds those working on behalf of justice and equality for all abhorrent when this includes Palestinians. Happily, many disagree with you. In fact, a large and growing number of people (of all ethnicities, religions, races, and political persuasions) believe that universal principles of morality do not contain exceptions.

Britain’s “Redress Information & Analysis” calls inclusion on your list “one of the highest accolades truth-telling fighters against racism and bigotry could hope for.”

Your Top Ten report appears to be an important element of your fundraising outreach, which rakes in almost $60 million for your annual budget – on top of your $115 million net assets.

Yet in looking through the report, I notice that almost all of us Top Ten groups have quite small budgets. Ours, which is one of the smallest, is less than 1/400th of your yearly revenue. Your salary alone – $688,188 – dwarfs the entire yearly budget for all but two of these groups, and is over four times the annual budget for our entire organization.

The truth is, all our groups are struggling, and our financial survival is at times in real jeopardy.

Abe, this should worry you.

What will you do if we go under? How will you raise such large sums of money? How in the world will you pay yourself two-thirds of a million dollars each year if you can’t scare your donors with distorted stories of what we do and frightening myths about why we do it?

But there is a solution:

I propose that you give If Americans Knew a nickel of each dollar you raise. After all, you use our work to raise this money. You name me among the five most “anti-Israel” (i.e. pro human rights for all) individuals in America. You used our billboard image to illustrate your report on the ten organizations your donors should be most terrified of, and put it at the very top of your home page.

I further propose that you provide a similar amount for each of the other nine organizations whose work you use (or, more accurately, distort) to raise your vast sums of money.

Under this proposal, you would still get the lion’s share of the money, while ensuring that your Top Ten groups won’t disappear from the scene – and from your fundraising strategy.

In all honesty, however, there could be a drawback to this proposal. If our organization (and the others on the list) had a nickel for each dollar the ADL raises, this budget could help us make our ideas more widely known in the marketplace of ideas.

This could be devastating for you.

Even though your budget would still dwarf ours – and even though the ADL is only one of numerous multi-million dollar organizations propagandizing for Israel – we and our colleagues are marketing a product that would likely win out over yours in any sort of fair competition.

After all, you’re selling a lemon: lies, tribalism, cruelty, endless war, and fear and hatred of entire populations; while we’re marketing truth, equality, dignity for all, and peace through justice and self-determination.

For this reason, I sincerely doubt you will adopt my proposal.

But I hope, in seriousness this time, that perhaps someday you’ll do something even better:

You’ll join us. You’ll decide to make the ADL into a real anti-defamation league; an organization that believes in the worth of all human beings, both in Palestine and beyond, that doesn’t promote division and difference, and that instead reveres our common humanity and works to protect all the world’s children from suffering and injustice.

That’s my real proposal. I hope you’ll consider it.

Best wishes,


Alison Weir is the executive director of If Americans Knew and president of the Council for the National Interest, which is a co-sponsor of the billboard mentioned in the article, and is also on the Top Ten list. She can be reached at contact@IfAmericansKnew.org.


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| Congratulations to our American truth-telling comrades!

Congratulations to our American truth-telling comrades ~ Redress Information & Analysis.


It’s one of the highest accolades truth-telling fighters against racism and bigotry could hope for. The Zio-cons of the ironically named “Anti-Defamation League” (ADL) have published a list of what the ADL considers to be the 10 “most influential and active anti-Israel groups” operating in the United States, the Times of Israel reports.

The winning truth-tellers, announced on 21 October, are:

The commendation in support of this much-coveted award include being “fixated with delegitimizing Israel” and promoting a truthful “narrative about Israel”. The winners were also commended for being in the forefront of the United States’s anti-Israel establishment.

In a heartening testimonial – which could only generate envy among those left off the list – the ADL said the leaders of the winning groups “speak regularly on college campuses, endeavouring to convince the leaders of tomorrow that Israel is the worst violator of international human rights and should be treated as a pariah”.

According to the ADL, Codepink, a feminist anti-war organization, aims “to reduce US support for Israel and end US-led wars and military campaigns in the Middle East and elsewhere”. It contended that “four of the 12 ‘issues’ listed on its website are about Israel, including a call for BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions] against Israel and advocacy on ending US aid to Israel”. Well done Codepink!

Friends of Sabeel-North America, a Christian pro-Palestinian group, was commended for advocating a one-state solution and the right of return for all Palestinians, and for “accusing Israel of racism, oppression, and human rights violations while simultaneously promoting BDS campaigns against Israel as punishment for what they allege to be Israel’s apartheid-like policies”. Keep up the good work, Sabeel!

If Americans Knew/Council for the National Interest, two advocacy groups run by Alison Weir, was commended for working “to convince Americans that US policies that are friendly to Israel are damaging to the US from a foreign policy standpoint”. Alison: you are the pride of America!

The Jewish Voice for Peace, in its turn, earned the accolade of being “the largest and most influential Jewish anti-Zionist group in the United States” which uses “Jewish culture and rituals to reassure its own supporters that opposition to Israel not only does not contradict, but is actually consistent with, Jewish values”. We bow in awe of you. Keep it up.

Neturei Karta, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish group opposed to the existence of the state of Israel on religious grounds, was awarded for being “regularly aligned with international anti-Semites, Islamic extremists and groups that advocate violence against Israel,” the ADL said. Neturei Karta, you are the bravest of the brave.

Students for Justice in Palestine, on the other hand, “is almost singularly responsible for on-campus anti-Israel programming,” including Apartheid Week programmes at American educational establishments, the ADL said in its testimonial. The group “paint[s] Israel as an ‘apartheid’ state reminiscent of the regime in South Africa”, it added. We know what you’re up against. Don’t be daunted.

According to the ADL, the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation was awarded for its “pressure [on] Congress to stop sending foreign aid to Israel and adopt policies that are less friendly to Israel”. The ADL singled out one of the group’s leaders as saying that by providing Israel with military aid, “US taxpayers are thereby made complicit in Israel’s systematic violation of Palestinian human rights, its military occupation and illegal colonization of Palestinian land, and its apartheid policies toward Palestinians which deny them freedom and self-determination”. Congress is the vipers’ nest. What you’re doing is paramount.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the winners: you are the pride of the United States and the whole world.

At the same time, we cannot hide our disappointment at being left off the list. Our only consolation is that the winners were all US based.

Perhaps Britain’s leading Israel stooges – the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Zionist Federation, the Office of the Chief Rabbi or even that jaded old rag, the Jewish Chronicle – could get together and offer a similar award for UK-based groups. If so, please spare a thought for Redress Information & Analysis – we’ve been trying for more than 13 years.




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