Hypocrisy on human rights undermines effort to overthrow Vladimir Putin

I share your pain and frustration as a targetted parent, who’s also helped many others.

“You hypocrite, first cast out the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to cast out the speck from your brother’s eye.” ~ Mathew 7, verse 5

A very apt Biblical reference exposing the human trait of hypocrisy. However, my BS radar is buzzing right now at the fact that [despite the historical causes being somewhat complex and tied up in geopolitical chess and unchecked NATO expansionism] that bold Russian news anchor who protested against the war on live TV just got a police grilling followed by a 30,000 RBL = approx. £200 / $200 fine at court, with some kind of bindover to keep the peace in future, yet freely gave another interview from the courtroom steps as she was leaving to go home …

Meanwhile, Julian Assange, who exposed US war crimes and atrocities in Iraq – in the greatest tradition of speaking Truth to Power – still languishes in jail, here at Belmarsh Prison in the UK, having lost one Appeal to UKSC against extradition, on the basis of his deteriorating health that he had “no arguable legal grounds.” This setback will most likely, keep Julian in jail for at least another year!!

“The legal grounds which the High Court had previously ruled to be arguable, were that the USA government should not have been permitted to give at appeal new (and highly conditional) diplomatic assurances about Assange’s treatment, which had not been offered at the court of first instance to be considered in the initial decision. One important argument that this should not be allowed, is that if given to the original court, the defence could argue about the value and conditionality of such assurances; evidence could be called and the matter weighed by the court.”

Some fount of democracy and free speech for the world, we Brits are holding ourselves out as Govt Dept’s including family and higher appellate courts are kicking the can, more like foxes running the henhouse, manipulating the law (and often evidence and witnesses) to evade JUSTICE. It’s Kafkaesque.

Solidarity to ALL who expose war crimes and corruption, wherever it may be!
Keep up your great work, Brother, it’s always refreshing to read your insights!

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You hypocrite, first cast out the beam from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to cast out the speck from your brother’s eye. Mathew 7, verse 5

Few would argue that the best way to end the war in Ukraine would be to take out the person who started it, Russian president Vladimir Putin. Any other approach risks a chain reaction to Armageddon or escalating carnage among the military and civilian population.

As sanctions continue to impact the Russian people, potential grows behind a coup, but any support behind it has been ruthlessly suppressed. Protesters have been arrested for a failure to comply with state-sanctioned speech with repeat offenders risking twenty years in prison.

To be sure, thousands have already been detained. News sources continue to be shut down while Moscow journalist, Elena Chernenko, was stripped of her access…

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