The Common People Understand Better Than The So Called Educated Elite 

Enshrined Constitutional Rights and Freedoms have not struck home to a lot of this class —either its a theoretical concept or its of little concern protected as they are with perks and favours, health protection and pensions . 

They live mainly in their urban bubble. Oh, their cabins in the summer sojourn ————‘how cute are the locals.’ 

The common person has no such luxuries—-and is about working hard to pay the mortgage , keep kids in school ————and then if they defy the state on an experimental drug  with severe harmful effects ———-all is lost .

There’s the rub—I hear and see it almost every day with heart wrenching stories—pleading for help. 

The Eastern Europeans and many  Christians get it and frequent the protests.

The soft easy life for many have blinded them ———-

The rights and freedoms of the individual are negotiable. 

As I say: I now realize that even at the best of times we are only a heartbeat away from tyranny.”

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