Something rotten in the state of hair strand testing?

Per the President of the Family Division:
“15. This is a unique case. Once GMP have directed the case towards a prosecution, much of the material concerned would not then be able to be held under s. 22. It is not hard to imagine the circumstances where this data would be sought by an individual concerned, given the size of the affected data, and the nature of the proceedings in which it was involved. There are likely to be criminal, family, coronial and employment cases, previously decided, which parties may wish to revisit on the basis of faulty data. The importance of this is hard to overstate. It concerns miscarriages of justice which may have occurred in reliance on what are now known to be erroneous drugs testing results. It is instructive that where material has been handed to GMP by RTS, RTS has approached the parties involved for their consent and it has not been refused in any such case.”
Getting any information from the police is so exasperating it’s easier extracting blood out of a stone. Craven capitalism with its commensurate parent and child commodification is lamentable for often causing a mad rush to judgment by little more than false consensus, even lemming logic. Pity the poor families let down by this – as more corporate foxes run the henhouse,the victims Quest for justice will doubtless continue …


There’s a decision reported on Bailii which was decided by the President of the Family Division.

Greater Manchester Police v Zuniga & Ors [2021] EWHC 1572 (Fam) (10 June 2021) (

It sounds very technical and dull – it was about what happens to evidence gathered in the family Courts if it is capable of being DNA tested (such as hair samples) when it goes to the police – who have various duties and responsibilities about this.

But far more importantly, it is about a lab based in Manchester who are under police investigation for falsifying the results of tests for alcohol and drugs – and that some 27,000 tests are under suspicion. A lot of this relates to criminal law cases. The suspicion is that in order to get commercial advantage and gain contracts with the police for their drug and alcohol testing, the lab cut corners – falsifying…

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