EASTER ESSAY: ‘conspiracy theory’ smear & Contrick19 fear (A continuing audit)

The Slog

While the media world as a whole is rammed solid these days with manipulated euphemism and Orwellian inversions of true meaning, only a few really stand out – and only then for people beyond their mid-fifties who received an open-minded and eclectic education. These few giga-lies are, however, incredibly persuasive. Equally, the ruthless and persistent level of multivariate censorship passes most people by because it is (intentionally) invisible to the untrained eye. The Slog continues his series designed to point out what a risible term of abuse ‘conspiracy theory’ is.

Up but not quite running on the Daily Telegraph website at the moment is a feature article headed State of Fear. It does what the paper tries to do more than most MSM titles at the moment – that is, gently question the morality and veracity of narratives put out by the State on geopolitical ‘news’ stories from Skripal…

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