Informed Debate and Authority; Criminalised persons’ vilified through a ‘helping narrative’.

A very interesting and thought-provoking discussion about the lingering toxicity of intersectional discrimination AFTER an ex-offender has repaid his or her debt to society. Only through honest and open-minded reform lies the way forward, for both the individual and the state, through its penal institutions, which all too often label a person for life.
“There are a number of mind-set milestones that a prisoner or ex-offender must go through to effect real change and to live law-abiding lives”.

He suggests that prisoners and ‘ex-offenders’ must

Have remorse
Understand the reason to their offending and know exactly where they went wrong
Admit responsibility
Rehabilitation: “I won’t do it again; I have learnt my lesson”
Reconciliation: “I want to make up for what I did wrong””

Michaela Movement

As a formerly imprisoned person, woman, in addition to being a former mentor to those leaving prison, and a student currently studying for an MA in Crime and Justice. I’m somewhat excited, and somewhat disturbed, that a fellow captive asserts the lives of imprisoned people have “demonstrably failed, failed in their lives in a big way” and their imprisonment indicates that they have “messed their lives up so badly” (Martin, 2020).

To begin, I’d like to turn to Tuck (2009) who’s work underpins and drives much of my thought around damage-centric discourse. In her address Tuck (2009)

“Calls on communities, researchers, and educators to reconsider the long-term impact of “damage-centered” research—research that intends to document peoples’ pain and brokenness to hold those in power accountable for their oppression. This kind of research operates with a flawed theory of change: it is often used to leverage reparations…

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