Deadly facts of Tory government’s decade+ spectacular financial neglect of NHS: Coronavirus pandemic decides the young will live and the old will die…

Excoriating post about the shameful underfunding and asset-stripping of the NHS over the past decade by the Tories which led to a belated lock down and U-turn of their discredited ‘herd immunity ‘policy once medical experts blew the whistle that our NHS wouldn’t be able to cope because it just isn’t fit for purpose any more – there’s not enough intensive care beds left! #SaveOurNHS


Boris Johnson’s government scrambles to be the shining hero in this life and death virus tragedy. For UK’s once-upon-a-time crowning jewel of healthcare for everyone, it’s a day late and a dollar short. Successive Tory governments’ ruthless nonfeasance and privatization of the NHS for over a decade were patently designed for a number of Tory MPs’ personal financial profits.

Now here we are. UK’s once greatest achievement in world renowned healthcare has been systematically diminished with Tories in power. The COVID-19 crisis glaringly confirms the years of relentless Tory austerity, privatization and increasing budget cuts have succumbed NHS capabilities to little more than a third-world country’s healthcare system.

The arrogant imperial colonial mindset UK, forever boasting to be one of the world’s wealthiest and most advanced countries, failed the British people by not providing the financial support for the upkeep, equipment, PPE (personal protective equipment) and staff of the NHS.

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