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#Scaremongering #Covid19: #Coronavirus: The only thing spreading “exponentially” is #fear!

Coronavirus: The only thing spreading “exponentially” is fearFewer people are sick each day, and yet there’s no sign of panic abating | Kit Knightly | Off Guardian | 5 March 2020

Shall we start off this little overview with some cold hard facts? Not the ones about death rates, and the flu, and clinical diagnosis. We’ve done that. A lot.

No this is just simple maths; There are, according to official estimates, fewer people with coronavirus today, than yesterday.

That has been true every day since February 17th.

Here’s a graph showing global “active cases”:

Here’s a graph showing the number of daily new diagnoses with the number of daily recoveries:

Here’s a graph showing the daily change in death rate vs the daily change in recovery rate:

To sum up, according to official estimates, every day for over two weeks, fewer people have the disease, a smaller percentage of people are dying of the disease and MORE people are recovering from the disease.

Nobody in the media is talking about this.

Instead, we constantly see “coronavirus cases reach 95,000” in the headlines, without adding the corollary that 54,000 of those people are already better.

When the media aren’t ignoring the less-than-intimidating statistics, they’re trying to re-purpose them. The Atlantic recently published an article literally headlined Greece, where only 31 people have even been diagnosed (nobody has yet died).

California, ever a panic waiting to happen, is declaring a state of emergency over their 53 cases. One man has died, he was old and had “underlying health issues”. But still…emergency.

There’s money to be made in panic, of course. The IMF and World Bank, ever the harbingers or harmony and not at all opportunistic vultures, are ready to ride in on a white horse:

the International Monetary Fund and World Bank issued a joint statement saying they stood ready to help the worst affected countries by providing “emergency financing, policy advice, and technical assistance”.

Some good old “emergency finance” will help out any country that needs to protect itself from disease. Don’t worry, you’ll have it paid off in a few decades. Maybe.

In America, the same Senate so frequently asking Bernie Sanders how he intends to pay for his healthcare plans, just approved 8 BILLION dollars in emergency spending for the coronavirus. For those of you interested, that’s 56 million dollars per infected US citizen.

From what we know of bloated US government contracts, this money will be filed through lobbyists to medical supply and emergency measures companies, on whose board a surprising number of current and/or former senators sit.

In Italy, 7.5 billion Euros is being “made available” for “families and businesses” affected. The question of how much goes to families, and how much to businesses, is a key one. One the media will probably never answer.

And behind all of that, the authoritarians, mouths watering, drip poison into the public ear:

Harsh measures horrify civil libertarians, but they often save lives, especially when they are imposed in the early days.

That was in the New York Times.

Any coronavirus ‘lockdown’ would initially be voluntary

Adds The Guardian (they don’t say how long this “initial” voluntary period will last).

The Atlantic goes further, laying out plans to mitigate the “worst case scenario” covering information:

A single trusted source should inform the public what we know about COVID-19, what we don’t know, and what we’ll do to find out what we don’t know.

Emergency powers:

Congress must provide the FDA with the authority needed to prevent and mitigate medical supply-chain disruptions.

And quarantine:

Social distancing may become the norm, as governments and organizations close schools, halt mass transit, and cancel sports, entertainment, religious, and political gatherings. People could be quarantined in their homes, medical facilities, apartments, or dormitories.

It’s clear a certain type of person is in love with the world this lie-stoked fear will enable them to build. In some ways, they have already won.

The public is long past accepting social media companies will working hand-in-hand with the state to block “misinformation” and “boost” official sources.

Further, even if the virus continues to decline, the powers that be – and their talking heads – will simply claim (as many already are) that China’s total authoritarian control saved lives.

That’s the real campaign here. A power play for draconian social control in the name of public health. For now, as the Guardian helpfully reminds us, it’s voluntary. But the implied threat behind that is obvious: As things get more serious, that will change.

After all, this is just a virus – and a comparatively minor one – if we’re happy to see our governments take draconian measures to halt this…what about more significant threats?

Why don’t we treat the climate crisis with the same urgency as coronavirus?

…asks Owen Jones in today’s Guardian. He is not alone.

Well, maybe one day soon we will Owen. Won’t that be nice.


If scrutinised, none of it holds up.
But people learn toto ‘see’ the emperor’s robes, as their life in the world demands it.
Surrogate power operates upon deceit
…and fear.
If you believe the protection then you have a vested interest in not seeing the racket.
Hysteria and panic are being induced by design.
The ability to choke back on life by threat, scarcity and control of ‘solutions’ is the nature of its game.
‘Control’, now consolidates globally to grip life so that it is effectively being paralysed. Progressively killed under systemic subjection to blind structures of ‘control’

Fear, conflict and control is the mindset of division that rules out health, but its toxic debt is concealed by repackaging in complex medical instruments. It is not open to being called to account – being ‘too big to fail’.

Systemic failure is the result of corruption.
Faulty decisions serving self-illusion in fear of exposure.
Blind to its own compulsion under the spell of its own spin.
When tempted by fear to deny truth – notice the crowing of cocks.

So yes, fear is the underlying contagion, and the testing, diagnosis and treatment parameters vary.
While I see that we all live and breath within a terrestrial Biome of Life-Support, that has genetic abilities of adaptation far greater than we recognise – especially as autonomous independent ‘control-minds’, I also see that in order to maintain the self-separateness of such a personal and collective social organisation, life has to be demonised so as to induce surrogate substitution.

But if you grew up believing in germs – it will not seem credible to you that they are serving the body ad not attacking it. IE” Toxicities can initiate a fever and inflammation as attempt to detoxification. Nursing is called for and yet flagging the fever as the disease is missing the underlying matrix of cause in toxic-exposures or ingestion – that are themselves part of a deeper collective breakdown of communication.
Why are pesticide and crop yield profits more valued than the lives of other human beings? Is that part of a covert war on global humanity by hegemonic monopoly?

Notice that organised crime is protected and integrated into the highest reaches of social organisation.
A revolving door.
You don’t need a disease once you can treat the ‘biological markers’.
Note that after what – 40 -50 years of bunkum science, it is being acknowledged that there is no scientific medical basis for the limiting intake of saturated fats. (nor for lowering cholesterol)
There is a lot of junk science – backed by Big Money and invested institutional identities – too big to fail…not!


I think it’s a bit suspicious how lots of new laws have all of a sudden been passed since this “outbreak”. It’s as if they were sat there ready to go and, boom, here they are and blimey, we had better sign off all this into law NOW, let’s get all these new laws passed NOW in this time of huge crisis…..saving the world making us all safe. You’re safer but…..whispering…..you’re less free now as well.
When these things happen, it’s always worth stepping back and looking at what they are doing in the situation. What are they actually doing here? They are passing new laws, they are conditioning the public to bow down to very harsh measures, they’re talking a lot about vaccines too, which is worrying. They are talking about the military being brought in to the NHS.
This is starting to look like a textbook, routine establishment dance of problem, reaction, solution.
I have no idea what is really going on here, but the way the authorities are acting, singing off the hymnsheet, combined with some strange and almost familiar anomolies, like the fact that in the BBC production “Contagion”, the first case occured in Haslemere and yes, you guessed it, the first mystery case of CV in the UK occured in…..Haslemere. Peter Power springs to mind instantly. Just bizarre. Could be coincedence, but when you keep getting coincedences and you know the track record of the source of the info…..


The number was consistently falling because China has completely halted its economy to control the spread of virus. Don’t expect anything like it anywhere else in the world, brace yourself for further surprises.

Simon Hodges

Interesting article. May not age well given the data coming out of Italy which is challenging the narrative output by the CCP Kit apparently puts so much faith in but can’t rationalise.


But . . . but . . . Panic! We need to panic! We’re afraid! Very afraid! Running out of loo roll and alcohol wipes! Milk! The stock market’s crashing! It’s the end of the world!

Emily Durron
Emily Durron

There’s more:

Under the new emergency plan, “both police and healthcare professionals will be able to detain people suspected of having the virus”

That’s lovely. You go down to see your GP because you’ve got a bit of a cough, and the doc says “We are detaining you under our emergency powers, and if you resist or fail to co-operate fully we will call the police for back up”.

Or you sneeze in the High Street, and a police snatch squad pile you into the back of their van to be held until further notice.

Is this for real? How much of this fucking Gestapo shit are people going to take before they say “We are not putting up with this bollocks anymore”?

Ieuan Einion
Ieuan Einion

In the UK, on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday morning Legal and General’s CEO Nigel Wilson was asked about the company’s latest profits (£1.8 billion including a premium of £155 million gained from people dying earlier than expected).

The interviewer saw the opportunity to bring up Coronavirus. Nothing to do with a one-off virus, retorted Wilson, it can only be put down to the worrying trend of the past 20 years that has seen life expectancy for poorer people in some of the bigger British cities dip to 58 whilst for for richer people it is 85.

I had four paying professional engagements in March (playing the violoncello in an orchestra in NW France). Now I have nothing as the epidemic of fear takes root, precaution becomes paranoia and my work is cancelled or postponed. I’m not going to be compensated and nor are the majority of the collateral victims of this situation.

As I understand it Covid19 kills up to 3.4% of sufferers. Virulent ‘flu’ epidemics can do the same and worse (Spanish ‘flu’ of 1918 e.g which killed 50 million). This season an estimated 31 million US citizens had ‘flu’ and an estimated 30,000 have died as a result (c. 0.1% by my calculation). In both cases, as has always been the case with viral epidemics, it is largely the aged and those with weakened immune systems who are the victims.

Just like the supposed virus of antisemitism (yes, the words virus, viral and plague are often used in this connection) there seem to be actors at work with a vested interest in making a mountain out of a molehill.



via Coronavirus: The only thing spreading “exponentially” is fear — OffGuardian


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