Due diligence – GOOD! Panic – NOT SO GOOD! Come on People, get a grip! FACTCHECK: COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS & annual common FLU

Due diligence over personal hygiene is very important and Echinacea (Latin, Echinacea Purpurea) though understated is very beneficial as a traditional herbal remedy 🌿 to relieve cold, flu and upper respiratory tract infection by boosting the body’s immune system.


While there’s no denying COVID-19 is a serious contagion, the reality is seasonal influenza/common flu kills up to 54,167 people per month globally (multiplied by 12 months totalling up to 650,000 deaths worldwide annually). We all need to get a grip and not treat our loved ones or neighbours, who are struck down with COVID-19, as though they’re lepers or carriers of the Black Death! Scaremongering and panicking amongst the sheeple may be the agenda of governments, as they surreptitiously impose so-called “emergency or executive powers” to suppress our voices and high-jack our human rights, but we can do better and not let them win this round.

The facts for annual influenza, ie common flu, are all over cyberspace for anyone who likes facts. Sure, we all don’t like “flu season”, and we might hear or see flu statistics on the news now and again, but the truth is, flu…

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