Location of disturbance, UK politics and racism

Cogent analysis of why gratuitous false entitlement has riven British politics and society hence is, ipso facto, undemocratic.


The bad apple fallacy

This week-end I wrote a short a Twitter thread attempting to apply the group analytic concept of location of disturbance to the current political context in the U.K. Principally, I was arguing that when controversial political figures like Johnson known for their racism get to power, we are quick to regard them as individual political mishaps rather than as manifestations of the social or collective configurations. This is the logic of the bad apple theory which has been used from time immemorial, to distance ‘ourselves’ from those violent systems we’re all a part of.

I proposed that locating the problem or disturbance in Johnson is in reality unhelpful, in that it takes us away from how he was supported to rise to power -– despite his overt bigotry — the millions of Brits who stand by him not despite but, precisely because of his bigotry and…

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