Willful Ignorance, Faustian Bargains, White Exceptionalism, and Bart Simpson AKA What Trump Voters Do

“So there are some diverse elements to Trump’s overwhelmingly white constituency. Some people are willfully ignorant and still others belong in a basket of deplorables. Yes, these people were put in there through both political parties’ abuse and neglect, their emotions manipulated and marketed. This kind of constituency is not in anyway capable of resisting Trump’s repeated attempts to rule however he wishes.”

O Society

by Sanford Schram edited by O Society October 4, 2019

Since Donald Trump declared victory in the early morning hours of November 9th, 2016 commentators incessantly bemoan the calamity befallen the U.S. And with good reason. As many people warned for months, Trump is unfit to be President and poses a real threat to the country’s ability to sustain its commitments to democracy.

The election tally itself is a cause for concern as Trump lost the popular vote by approximately 2.5 million (about 2 percent of the total) while winning a forecasted majority of the votes in the Electoral College. His is not a mandate. Further, exit polls indicate most people who voted think Trump is neither qualified to be President, nor trusted in office.

His behavior since then is less than reassuring: he consistently lies about matters large and small, demonstrates an irrational level of irritability about…

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