Survival of the fittest in Pre & Post Brexit Crisis: It won’t be the children or the sick, vulnerable and homeless


Boris Johnson et al. is the means to an end for the rich and powerful. They are his masters, and he’ll do everything and anything to make Brexit happen. Deal or no deal. His inconceivable lies and corruption are plain as day. Proving over and over his disrespect for truth and law. Proving over and over he cares nothing for the people or his country.

Brexit has cost the British economy £66bn in just under three years – equivalent to around £1,000 per person in the country.”

Like rebels without a cause, UK’s leavers are analogous to the confederate “rebels of Dixieland”, whose racist bloodthirsty descendants are as ignorant and uneducated as their forefathers in the civil war of 1861.

Fighting to the death to keep the legacy alive buying, trading and owning human beings. Human beings torn away from their homelands and families, raped, impregnated and tortured…

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