Parallel Process: Staff Splitting

“There is also a pathology present, it involves the collapse of a narcissistic-borderline personality parent under the stress of the marital failure and divorce. The child is being triangulated into the spousal conflict through a cross-generational coalition with this narcissistic-borderline parent, resulting in an emotional cutoff in the child’s relationship with the targeted parent (Bowlby, Minuchin, Beck, van der Kolk, Tronick).

That pole in the dialectic is entirely valid.

There is a pathology present. That is factually correct. The diagnostic model of “parental alienation” is an atrocious description of the pathology and should NOT be used in a professional capacity. That is also factually correct.

From Linehan: “Therapist disagreements over a patient are treated as potentially equally valid poles of a dialectic.”

What then?

From Linehan: “Thus, the starting point for dialogue is the recognition that a polarity has arisen, together with an implicit (if not explicit) assumption that resolution will require working toward synthesis.” (p. 432)”

“Is it acceptable for psychologists to know nothing about the attachment system even though they are assessing, diagnosing, and treating a child who is rejecting a parent, an attachment pathology? No, it is not.

Is it acceptable for psychologists to be entirely ignorant yet make recommendations that separate parents from children… entirely ignorant decisions that destroy the lives of children and devastate parents in traumatic grief and loss, is that acceptable?

No, it’s not.”

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Parallel Process

I find it stunning.  I find it appalling.  That I would have to educate my professional colleagues before I can have a professional level discussion with them.

That should not be.  If you are a licensed psychologist, I should not have to first educate you to be able to have a professional-level patient care discussion with you.  That should notbe.

I was the Clinical Director for a three-university assessment and treatment center for children ages 0-5 in the foster care system.  I’ve also served as the Clinical Director for a FEMA/DOJ project to develop a national model for the mental health assessment of juvenile firesetting behavior, a court-involved forensic pathology.

I am senior clinical staff. 

If you are a licensed psychologist, I should not have to educate you before I can have a professional-level discussion with you about patient care.

If I have to first educate you…

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