Carl Beech, CQC inspector, convicted child sex offender and fraudster: Activities at the CQC

“CQC only gave reassurance in its FOI response that there were no concerns in relation to Beech’s conduct on inspections, based on its paper review.

This circumvents the question of whether other concerns were raised about him.

I have asked the regulator to clarify if any concerns were raised about Beech by its staff or other parties.

As we know from the Whorlton Hall scandal and other matters, relying upon CQC’s assessment of its own performance is far from safe.

We also know that CQC is very ready to gloss over its misdeeds, as illustrated by its recent indication to Private Eye that has no intention to investigate why it rated Newbus Grange, a sister unit to Whorlton Hall as ‘Outstanding’ in February this year, just before physical abuse at the facility became public knowledge in April.

We also know from CQC’s 2018 staff survey that only 42% of CQC staff replied affirmatively regarding the item:

“I think it is safe to challenge the way things are done in CQC””

Alexander's Excavations

By Dr Minh Alexander NHS whistleblower and former NHS consultant psychiatrist, 21 August 2019

Carl Beech is the individual at the heart of the bizarre VIP paedophile saga, whose false allegations have left some agencies red-faced and the public purse lighter by several million.

Beech was convicted of child sex offences earlier this year, in relation to possession of indecent images. It was reported that he initially tried to blame his son:

“he was prosecuted and initially pleaded not guilty, and in a police interview, sought to blame his teenage son.”

In July he was additionally convicted of perverting the course of justice and fraud, with regards to his false allegations about violent child sex abuse by various VIPs.

Beech was jailed for eighteen years.

These were the judge’s sentencing remarks:

Regina v Beech 26 July 2019

Beech was first interviewed by the police in December 2012 regarding the false…

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