Humanity in Crisis? Apathy wins the day. Based on unscrupulous tactics, the persistent harassment, malicious stalking & character assassination of Ilhan Omar? Wow! VILIFYING IN OVERDRIVE!

A wonderfully written yet bold and thought-provoking defence of truth, justice and integrity which also exposes the chicanery of those who would discredit those speaking truth to power for ulterior motives.
“How would we feel about demands of compulsory proof of ID while taking a simple walk around our neighbourhoods? How about being a minority, especially Black, arrested or shot without cause by racist police, who have no integrity or manifesto for principles of law and order, much less justice? This is what human rights abuse, human rights violations and oppression look like in our neck of the woods, i.e. the “western world”. This is what human rights defenders like Ilhan Omar are fighting against to protect our inalienable human rights.”


#IStandWithIlhan! Yeah, ok…we’re all busy, have too many problems and no time to think about, much less give a damn about, people we don’t know in crisis in third world countries, where human rights are as alien as little green men from Mars, yet where crimes against humanity are increasingly endemic.

So since we’re all very busily tied up in our own little worlds, it’s of no little amazement that the brutal bullying, outrageous conspiracies and blatant lies about U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, Ilhan Omar, are worldwide entertainment playing out on mainstream media, triggering blogger and social media feeding frenzies, trailblazing virtual smoke throughout the worldwide web.

It’s always mind-blowing that many of us are incredibly shallow, leading some woefully boring lives, that we’re forced to take our pleasure joining in the appalling destruction and torment of an admirable young woman, who works to serve the people. It’s…

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