How an Imam Exposed the Anti-Muslim Normalcy and Repression via Tory Leadership Race

Excellent post which raises pertinent questions about the insidious nature of Islamophobia and the fitness for purpose of today’s distortionist corporate mainstream media.
“All this drama does, though, is make a state and associated media look pathetically insecure about Muslims, whilst reinforcing the externalisation of Muslim power and presence. The only problem for the neocons is that this isn’t the era of the East India Company. And neither are Muslims prepared to give ground to supremacists who wish to kill Muslims abroad and forcibly domesticate them in the UK.

The Muslims need to support people like Imam Abdullah Patel against such systemic abuse, and not to throw him under the bus at the slightest turbulent wind like his place of employment has done.”



You must be the right type of Muslim with the right type of mindset to be allowed into the political arena. A Sajid Javid/Maajid Nawaz-type whose practice of Islam is non-existent and politically kow-tows to the neocons and pro-Israel lobby, would be ideal.

Are you a confident Muslim who asserts mainstream Islamic and political views that do not pander to the aforementioned circles?  Forget democracy and all that British Values nonsense and prepare to have the weight of the establishment bear down on you and your livelihood targeted.

A recent orchestrated furore exemplifies this.

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