How will £433 million Care Act Implementation money be spent ?

“So how are carers or the vulnerable to survive, these expensive state Care Inquisitions?

Safeguarding: An established process, not a civil liberties dilemma”



The government’s future Adult Social Care is only residential, in whatever guise, supported/ independent/ community living or care home.

Private institutionalisation.

Support in the family home, is not provided on the excuse of Local Authority budget cuts, to allow enforcement of government’s drive to  use the disabled as cash cows.

And servicing all the ‘disabled’ in unaccountable, secret provision behind the walls of the state has huge advantages.

Adult services workers need not be qualified social workers after the enforcement of a placement as ‘Care Managers’ then can take over and tickbox/oversee the only residential placements.

The model is simple; assessment, court enforcement and then private residential care with scant oversight by its commissioner for life..

A similar model is used for Children’s Services, through adoption, fostering, and care homes.

Such models transfer billions of public money into private business coffers, boosting the economy but at huge expense to the nation’s deficit.

And it  is certainly not cost cutting, as…

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