Is “breaking stereotypes” what Muslims were created for?

Very witty analysis which distinguishes between resisting false profiling from breaking stereotypes, but beware the trap of nihilistic reductivism.

Abdullah al Andalusi

Is this what “Muslim Female liberation” looks like? Is “breaking stereotypes” what Muslims were created for?



Because as everyone knows, breaking stereotypes has always been the purpose behind human creation (according to Liberals), right?

The graphic about is another hilarious argument, in comic stripe style form, by the mysterious artist “Muslim Safe Space”.

Apologies in advance, but the historian of Occidental philosophy in me feels compelled to make you aware of something. The ideology of “breaking stereotypes” comes from 18th century France, from the radical faction of enlightenment thinkers, known as the “philosophes”.

In distinction from their English cousins, like Hobbes, Locke etc (who influenced the American constitution) who believed that the purpose of individual humans was to simply pursue pleasure by constant sensual gratification of whatever their passions command them (short of murder, rape and theft of course) in accumulating material things, the French Philosophes…

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