Feature Article: Christology Revisited

HISTORICAL FACT: Crucial scriptural distinction made here about whom Jesus (pbuh) actually worshipped himself which affirms the pristine purity of monotheism PLUS amongst the earliest generation of the faithful BEFORE the interventions of the Nicean Council of 325 AD and introduction of Roman syncreticism under Emperor Constantine into the creed.

Blogging Theology

I have drunk quite deeply from the well of New Testament studies on the subject of Christology. A fairly consistent picture emerges from the great players in the field. Perhaps one of the most prolific and highly regarded scholars is Jimmy Dunn, a British New Testament scholar who was for many years the Lightfoot Professor of Divinity in the Department of Theology at the University of Durham. Though he is personally a committed Christian and a believer in the Trinity, he is scrupulously objective in his assessment of the historical evidence, even when it goes against his religious views.

We can see this in his judicious assessment of the New Testament writers. Did the first Christians (who were Jews) worship Jesus as God? Did Jesus believe himself to be the incarnate son of God? I find his answers credible and persuasive. What do you think?

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