Question Everything

“In this work inherent bias is a real danger. Avoiding confirmation bias – (seeking confirmation of my own beliefs) – and proximity bias – (the tendency to give people I identify with preferential treatment) and implicit bias -(the unconscious attitudes and beliefs which affect my decisions) is a daily task.”

Karen Woodall

I carry with me a piece of advice given to me at school by my history teacher. It is one of my most treasured possessions –  the exhortation to ‘question everything.’

Whilst I am certain that this encouragement combined with my somewhat oppositional defiant younger self created a nightmare for my parents when I was a teenager, I also know that it has stood me in good stead in terms of everything I have ever done since.

Taking nothing at face value whilst giving everyone the benefit of the doubt has led me to a place where I am able to work forensically with families affected by parental alienation.  A world in which absolutely nothing is how it seems on the surface and where questioning everything – including my own inherent biases – is a way of life.

In this work inherent bias is a real danger.  Avoiding…

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