The Significance of Hajj

“A Symbol of Obedience

Viewed differently Haj is also a symbolic representation of our submission and obedience to Allah. Hence the huge sum of money spent to endure the restrictions of ihraam, sleep under the open sky in Muzdalifah and live in tents in Arafaat and Minaa. Tawaaf of the Ka’bah even though we don’t worship it, running between Safaa and Marwah although we’re not looking for water like Haajar did and pelting the jamaraat whereas they are not Shaytaan but the sites where Shaytaan had appeared to Ibrahim in order to deter him from fulfilling the command of Allah all indicate to the same spirit of obedience. The continuous and tiresome movement of the haajee – from Makkah to Minaa, Minaa to Arafaat, Arafaat to Muzdalifah, Muzdalifah to Minaa, Minaa to Makkah and back to Minaa – is based on the same spirit of obedience. His fatigue and desire to rest do not matter at that moment; all that matters is the need to fulfil the command of Allah.

It is for the same reason that no matter how punctual a person may normally be with his salaah, in Muzdalifah he delays the Maghrib salaah until the time of Ishaa and then performs both Maghrib and Ishaa at the same time. As explained by Shaikh Abul Hasan Nadwi, this is because he worships Allah instead of salaah. Similarly he uncovers his head in ihraam despite his normally strict adherence to sunnah attire.”

Islam Reigns

By Abu Hudhaifa Muhammad Karolia


They come from every distant land
In order to fulfill the Sunnah of Allah’s friend

Chanting the labbaik
They cry for Allah’s sake
Hearts filled with awe
Many cannot believe that they are in front of the Ka’bah’s door

Seven times around the Ka’bah they circumambulate
With Allah’s name does the Haram reverberate

Recalling the plight of Nabi Ismail’s mother
They complete the sa’ee between one mountain and the other

The mutamatti’ then shaves or trims his hair
When paying the barber he must be fair

Now the hujjaaj wait for Dhil-Hijjah’s eighth day
Exercising patience all along the way

The Day of Tarwiyyah finally arrives
An exciting moment in the pilgrims’ lives

Donning simple garments resembling the kafan
They proceed to Minaa thinking of death and dafan

Spent in the valley of ‘Arafaat
The next day is the most important part

Standing in…

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