“Local authorities must be prosecuted for their criminal breach of public trust and unscrupulous malfeasance.”


Exploiting the dubious cryptic projection “Risk of Future Emotional Harm”, DISREGARDING INALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS, UK’s corrupt local authorities FORCIBLY REMOVED, i.e. ABDUCTED, 1,860 UK Children from their BIRTH PARENTS in 2017 placing them for FORCED ADOPTIONS.

These criminally executed human rights violations and abuses have been a long-standing procedure for local authorities to guarantee their job security and financial profits in the United Kingdom.

It is nothing less than Westminster’s criminal NANNY STATE sanctioned CHILD KIDNAPPING to permit local authorities’ Social Services Child Protection to meet FINANCIAL TARGETS. Aside from seducing Social Workers to meet set targets of FORCED ADOPTIONS with tempting incentives, it is no longer secret that UK Taxpayers’ hard-earned taxes help finance UK’s local authorities’ MILLIONS OF POUNDS FORCED ADOPTION budgets. There is no significant money nor financial bonuses for Social Workers to HELP THE FAMILY UNIT STAY TOGETHER.

UK’s Social Services Child Protection are NOT working…

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