Leader of Jewish Voice for Labour Richard Kuper: Criticism of Israel Is Not Anti-Semitism

#BDS End all apartheid now!
“The anti-Semitism smears and libels are a politically motivated charade, a campaign to vilify decent, anti-racist men and women, including self-respecting Jews, simply so that the Blairites can cling on to power in the Labour party, and Israel’s multiple crimes against the Palestinians can remain hidden. It’s time this was stopped, and the people behind it were exposed and discredited instead.”

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This is yet another great video from RT, which shows why we need it and other alternative news channels so very badly.

This short clip, of one minute 20 seconds, is an extract from host Afshin Rattansi’s interview with Richard Kuper, the head of Jewish Voice for Labour. The JVL has resolutely backed Jeremy Corbyn, and so Rattansi asks Kuper the obvious question: How can he back ‘a f***ing racist and anti-Semite’. Rattansi qualifies this by saying that Hodge has now denied using the expletive. Kuper replies by stating that Jeremy Corbyn is not and has never been an anti-Semite, and it is disgraceful that Margaret Hodge has attacked him in this way. It doesn’t matter whether Hodge used the expletive or not, that is not how things are done in the Labour party.

Rattansi then mentions that Hodge has plenty of support from the Blairite factions in the Labour…

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