The Mystery Beneath Masjid Al Aqsa and the Dajjalic “New World Order”

Respect existence or expect resistance!
Fact: Musjid al Aqsa is Islam’s first Qibla, second musjid ever built and third haram.

Islam Reigns


“THE ARK OF COVENANT” [ Taboot e Sakeenah]

King Sulayman Alaihissalaam was the king of what would now be recognized as ancient Bani Israa’eel and is recognized as a prophet and divinely-appointed monarch. Muslim belief holds that Sulayman Alaihissalaam was one of the elect of Allah, and was bestowed upon with many God-given gifts, including the ability to speak to animals and control jinn.

Muslims further maintain that Solomon remained faithful to a one and only God throughout his life; constructed the Temple of Sulayman (The first Temple), which became one of the key houses of worship for Jews; reigned justly over the whole of Israel; was blessed with a level of kingship which was given to none after him; and fulfilled all of his commandments, being promised nearness to Allah in Heaven at the end of his life. Nabi Sulayman Alaihissalaam remains one of the most commemorated and popular…

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