Was The Family Drug And Alcohol Court A Threat To The Adoption Industry?

The blatant commodification of children for corporate profit is undemocratic and incompatible with proper rule of law. Closure of the FDAC is a damning indictment of disrespecting family rights. That this is happening right under our noses without any uproar is outrageous.

Researching Reform

As it’s revealed that the government is shutting down The Family Drug And Alcohol Court (FDAC) – the UK’s most successful family court – Researching Reform decided to make a Freedom Of Information request, to find out which ministers might benefit from the sudden, though not completely unexpected, move.

FDAC is the only family court to date that has a proven, long term track record of helping parents kick addiction habits. FDAC is also more effective than local authority driven, care proceedings.

It is also the only court in England which actively prevents children from entering the care system. And it repeatedly saves the government money. A lot of money. Because the unit helps more children return safely to their families, £17,000 less per case is spent on adoption and fostering.

What seems at first glance like irrational government decision making, becomes clearer if we look at the patterns…

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