Dying for Profit

Another damning indictment of broken politics by such a brazen policy of commodifying patients for profit at the expense of democratic accountability and balances and checks on state intervention into family life it actually signifies a breach of the social contract. Abolishing it is long overdue to restore balance, true fairness and justice.
“So shouldn’t our government and Court of Protection comply with its own laws and ensure that those held in MHA/ NHS treatment or MCA residential care do not die ?

And ensure that our public money is not wasted on unsupervised, lacking
the basics, proven unsafe and inadequate public/ privatised provision ?.

Does our government, NHS and courts not have a duty to protect our most vulnerable in and from state care ?

Unless the profit motive is removed from state care/treatment more will, and will be allowed to die, making that profit with impunity..

There can be no saving of lives by Carillion style bankruptcies just less culpability and more public money wasted.”


R-762328-1414847440-1947.jpeg dying

A depressing month heralded in a shocking NHS Learning Disabled Mortality Review, forced by the revelation our NHS investigates 1 % of the deaths of the Learning Disabled in their care, two Inquests of autistics concluding ‘natural causes’, and another is likely, from the findings of an NHS England’s investigation into Thomas Rawnsley’s death.

With the inevitability of even fewer inquests and more ‘natural causes’ deaths on the introduction this month of the certification of deaths by Medical Examiners rather than Coroners.

We have few investigations, let alone independent ones, into those dying in state care, despite ever increasing deaths, and the fact that back in 2013, MENCAP reported 37% died due to inadequate health care at a rate of 1,200 a year.


So state ‘care’ is becoming evermore unaccountable, even for death, and evermore expensive, with nearly a fifth of our total NHS and care budget…

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