As the West & the Russia/China Axis Lock Horns, Israel Will Have to Make Its Choice

One of the six former Mossad directors, Pardo said, in answer to the question, what, in your opinion, is the greatest threat to [Israeli] national security:

“[The greatest threat, is the] fact that between the sea and the Jordan [river], there is a nearly identical number of Jews and non-Jews. The central problem from 1967 until today is that Israel, across the entire breadth of its political establishment, hasn’t decided what country it wants to be. We are the only country in the world that hasn’t defined for itself what its borders are. All of the governments have fled from coping with the issue … If the State of Israel doesn’t decide what it wants, in the end there will be a single state between the sea and the Jordan. That is the end of the Zionist vision.”

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1 thought on “As the West & the Russia/China Axis Lock Horns, Israel Will Have to Make Its Choice

  1. A single state without Palestinians, what Netanyahu referred to as “the single state solution,” has been what Zionists wanted even before the UN gave its blessing to the formation of Israel after Zionists persuaded the British to bequeath the land to them. In 1937, eleven years before the formal creation of Israel, future first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, spoke of a “Greater Israel.” Zionists’ purported support for a “two-state solution” since then has always been a scam, much like Israel’s denials of developing nuclear weapons in the 60’s and 70’s was a scam.

    Zionists have cared not one bit for the UN’s concomitant commitment to a Palestinian state, as Israel’s defiant settlement policies in occupied territories and its complete indifference to the numerous UN sanctions for building settlements in the occupied territories have clearly demonstrated. It’s sheer mendacity for anyone to proclaim that Zionists haven’t defined their identity. They have always wanted a Jewish state free of opposing claims to the land by those expelled in what Arabs refer to as the Nabka, the forcible removal of Palestinians from land they had occupied for centuries. To proclaim that, after years of supposedly doing nothing, history now compels Israel to define its borders is self-centered Zionist claptrap.


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