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Ian Josephs said:
“To sum up in one sentence ;
If there is no crime ,children should not be removed,free public speech should be allowed to both parents and children,and contact should never be forbidden between them.

These are the minimum reforms needed !
1:- Abolish forced adoption.(Adoption opposed by one or or both parents)

2;-“Free Speech” restored:-
(a)To parents allowing them to publicly identify themselves and their children on internet or in the media when their children have been removed by social services or an order from a judge.
(b)To both parents and children in care during contact visits allowing them to discuss their cases,the possibilty of returnung home,any abuse suffered in care,,and above all to use their own language in such discussions if English is not their first language .
(c)To children ,who when taken from parents into care should be allowed to keep their mobile phones and computers so that they are not isolated from family and friends

3:-Contact between a parent and child should never be forbidden unless a parent has been convicted of a serious crime against that child.

4:-No child should ever be taken by the authorities or by a court from sane and law abiding parents.

5:- Any parent legally leaving the UK with a child and with no objection from the other parent (if known) should be free to settle in the new country and to have any child protection issues dealt with in the country where they are now resident.

Simple reforms that would eliminate most of the present injustices”

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

As the government looks set to revamp the social work sector (again), different opinions about the child protection system in the UK are emerging.

Ray Jones, a professor of Social Work at Kingston University recently wrote a piece for The Guardian in which he says that the UK child protection system is praiseworthy and shouldn’t be subject to reform. Ray also claims that the UK has the safest child protection systems in the world.

Two days after Jones’ piece was published, the leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Andrew Davies, spoke to the BBC and called on the government to instigate a “thorough investigation” into councils, police and health bodies, after authorities failed to act in a case of severe child neglect. The children were discovered after a neighbour called the RSPCA, concerned about the welfare of cats inside the home.

Our question this week, then, is…

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