Lamp Lighting: Helping Alienated Children to Find Their Way Home.

“Lighting lamps to lead the child home begins in the mind of the rejected parent. Self care, resilience and allowing and receiving. All subtle mind shifts which turn the focus inwards and bring healing to the unexplored and unknown parts of the self and soul.

For when the unhealed child within finds the way home, the child without is more able to do so.”

Karen Woodall:

Second post of 2018 and I write from our annual retreat where we go to build our resilience for our onward journey with alienated children and their families.  As a matter of routine, the first week of every year is spent in seclusion in order to refresh and refocus our minds and our wellbeing.  This allows us to keep on doing this work in the year ahead.  Working on the principle of putting on our oxygen masks first, this self care ritual is one which we teach to all of the parents and wider family members we work with.

Self care is what we teach to all parents and wider family members.  Self care first, resilience building second and allowing and receiving third.  All of these things are states of mind and all require subtle and not so subtle shifts in focus and intention.  All of these states of mind…

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