Media aids NHS rip off with out of area placements/lack of cash excuse no mention of Cygnet ‘treatment ’

Another revealing post exposing the moral bsnkruptcy and abuses of power and authority by the state through its agents thereby ultimately harming the individuals whose welfare it’s beholden to promote. When will people rise up to demand accountability?



Gillian Speke’s petition to get her grand daughter out of a Cygnet hospital has over 15,000 signatures and was blogged here

The only media coverage she, or anyone trapped in Cygnet has had is shown here.

It does not mention Cygnet by name, nor any of the details of her granddaughters 8 year horrific over drugged treatment.

Nor the 4 million it cost the NHS.

Gillian is described as a ‘Campaigner for treatment at home’, but ‘home’ is a euphemism for an in area hospital .

Another lady, whose teenage daughter is hundreds of miles away in Cygnet Bury, due to her ‘self harm‘ and Gillian speak only, as does the News Reader and the Director of Mind Charity of the ‘detrimental affect of not having relatives near’.

No mention is made of Cygnet’s interminable, over drugging ‘treatment’ nor the affect of enforced medication.

Or, of the…

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