Fiyaz Mughal and Tell MAMA: Purveyors of Structural Islamophobia

“When the explanation for crimes without concrete evidence focusses on the identity of an already targeted minority group, history recalls that the results are often savage. With Mughal and Tell MAMA’s milieu delving deep into the heart of the hate industry, the question is asked, how can any Muslim entertain cooperation with such an organisation? This is particularly pertinent as Tell MAMA spread’s its tentacles into the Muslim community through community meetings. Questions ought to be also raised of Mend, which continues to platform the likes of Afzal.

Structural discrimination and Islamophobia continues to manifest in subtle and overt ways. It is for Muslims, and more so for credible organisations dedicated to eradicating Islamophobia, to recognise them and challenge them without compromise.”



There is an entire industry built on the back of Muslim demonisation.  This “counter-extremism” industry utilises the rhetoric of preventing terrorism, but perpetuates structural terrorism against the Muslim minority through policies and rhetoric which have the cumulative effect of producing a “suspect community”. This reinforces Islamophobic stereotypes that Muslims are inherently, potentially violent unless “civilised” (assimilated) into “British values” as defined for everyone by neocons.  Whether victims or criminals, it is their culture and religion which is to blame. It is a demonising narrative that has recently subsumed into its toxic discourse the attacks Muslims are currently enduring.

Muslims have been experiencing an increased intensity of anti-Muslim hate over the years and through various rhetorical and physical transformations, from the Paki-bashing by skin-heads, BNP, EDL and now Britain First and National Action, to the elderly man/woman walking across the road whilst angrily pointing a finger at a veil mumbling – like Sayeeda Warsi 

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