Emergency Protection Orders And Who Can Apply For Them (Yes, You Can).

Some more info on EPO’s here:
Sadly, minimal cases of parents using EPO’s successfully highlights the huge gap between theory and practice.

Researching Reform

Far too often the law is used as a way to make the playing field uneven for parties who are either financially disadvantaged or who have limited knowledge of family court process so when we get the chance to even out that playing field, we do.

The latest item we have been asked to write about is the Emergency Protection Order (EPO), and whether parents can apply for one.

The very short answer is, yes.

The law is very clear. Under S.44 of The Children Act 1989, ANY PERSON who believes that a child is at risk can apply for an EPO. 

An Emergency Protection Order is usually applied for when there are reasonable grounds to believe that there may be an  immediate risk of significant harm to a child.

If you are a parent who believes their child is at risk of imminent harm whilst in the care…

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