NSPCC “We do not believe our press release demonised parents.”

How does this further transparency and accountability in this era of swingeing cuts and austerity?
Instead of appearing to be in cahoots with local authorities by disenfranchising/demonising parents and perpetuating false narratives the NSPCC should vigorously address and challenge the failings in service delivery to children and especially looked after children.

Researching Reform

The NSPCC has published a formal statement about its recent child neglect campaign, after a child welfare campaigner raised concerns about its contents.

The campaign drew intense criticism from parents and activists for failing to mention that neglect is often an unavoidable side effect of acute poverty.

The children’s charity addressed the claim this week, telling the public that it did not feel the campaign demonised parents.

Concerns were raised when Michele Simmons spotted a large volume of child neglect articles online which bore a striking resemblance to each other. She noticed that all of the statistics mentioned were produced by the NSPCC, which works closely with the government on child welfare policies.

The tone and content of the articles concerned Michele so much that she decided to send a Freedom Of Information request to find out whether the articles were part of a wider campaign, who put the campaign…

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