The Terrorist Mind and Pathological Anger

“The attachment system is a primary motivational system in the brain. Other types of pathology have their origins in other parts of the brain. ADHD is a pathology in the regulatory systems of the brain for impulse control, attention regulation, and behavioral regulation. Autism-spectrum pathology emerges from hardware malfunctions. Attachment-related pathology, on the other hand, is a pathology in the love-and-bonding system of the brain, a primary motivational system of the brain. Pathogenic structures in the attachment networks have access to motivations. They act with intent.

Cruel intent, the intent to cause suffering. Alienation forming a bond through creating suffering. Distorted, damaged, broken information structures in the love-and-bonding system of the brain.

The absence of empathy. Trauma.

Attachment trauma moving through generations – hidden – until it emerges as traumatic suffering intentionally created.

The terrorist mind and the extremism of pathological hatred ultimately ends in self-destruction after causing its burst of immense suffering in others – the Nazis leading Germany into self-destruction following the immense cruelty of the holocaust – the suicide end of the 911 terrorists in the cruelty of their terrorist act. Self-destruction. Self-loathing. Primal self-alienation.

Remain hidden – seek allies – attack perceived threats with great viciousness. I know this pathogen.

There are four primary emotions; anger, sad, afraid, and happy.”

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Barcelona, Orlando, Paris, Manchester, Mumbai, 911; the terrorist mind and the extremism of pathological anger.

The research says that the terrorist mind does not reflect any consistent form of pathology.  That’s not true, they just don’t know where to look.

It’s an attachment trauma pathology moving through generations, similar to the pathogen creating AB-PA, but with important variations.  The pathogen creating AB-PA results in the child’s “alienation” from a parent, created by the actions of the other parent.  The pathogen creating the terrorist mind triggers in adulthood and results in the adult’s “alienation” from society – and at a deeper level, from the self.

They are both pathogens of “alienation” – and both are created in and expressed through a profound absence of empathy.  A trauma pathogen, created in generations past and moving from attachment system to attachment system – like a computer virus – across generations.

Remain hidden.  Seek…

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