‘Blood on our hand’. State trumps autonomy and Care feeds mental .

“Contrary to the guardian’s repeated worker hearsay.

It is assumed X was not in court, when her liberty was removed for a suggested minimum of 18 months with enforced medication.

The Judgment, nor I assume any lawyers made reference to X’s right to liberty under Article 5 nor to a family life under s8 HRA .

The High Courts Inherent jurisdiction trumped both and who would or can appeal ?”



Sir James Munby proclaimed in a highly publicised judgment, ‘we would have blood on our hands’, if the NHS could not find a low secure inpatient bed for a 16 rather than an 18 year old.

A number of suitable beds were found the next day.

No concern was voiced for the Local Authority’s treatment of 16 year old X, after her removal from her mother and siblings at 14 , nor, that her desire to be reunited with the only people she knew and loved was the reason for her beyond desperate despair.

Only last year Local Authorities attempted to statutorily exempt themselves from liability for those, like X, they are paid to protect.

X’s Guardian had stated of X’s years in care:

“The facts of this case are calamitous. Indeed, a review of the initial evidence of the local authority from April 2015 makes for sobering reading…

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