BDS turns 12

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Last month, the so-calledBoycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement celebrated its 12th birthday party.

I have always considered BDS as a Zionist diversion front to fool the nine million Palestinian to end their rights of armed struggle against theJew terrorists occupying their ancestral homeland since 1948.

Israeli-born British author, Gilad Atzmon alsoagrees with my opinion. And so does German philosopher Ludwig Watzal.

So why I’m wasting my time on this dead horse? Well, it’s in response to professor Lawrence Davidson’s (West Chester University) July 28, 2017 article, entitled, BDS, Human Rights and the Jews, over BDS’s 12th birthday.

Israel’s inability to keep a favorable public image does not necessarily mean its near-term defeat. Here in the US there are two reasons for this: (1) as obnoxious as Israeli behavior is, and also as obscenely massive the U.S. aid package that helps to sustain that behavior…

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