NHS Foundation Trusts – Monopoly Unaccountable Services ?

“The most lucrative Trusts are the 41 mental health trusts, as nearly a quarter of our NHS budget is spent on mental health.

Most likely, as they are the most profitable services, such trusts as with Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust has been, will be converted to private companies, with existing Foundation Trust directors made private company directors and shareholders in charge of their own salaries, and effectively through the CCGs the provision of all NHS mentally related services including residential care in their region.

And as Private Companies, they can rely on ‘commercial confidentiality’ to hold the main parts of their meetings in private and as private companies, they are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

Yet they still maintain the NHS logo, so no one would, or even could know their services were from a private company..”


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In 2016/17 NHS England transferred £71.9 billion to CCGs to commission services from Foundation and NHS Trusts.

Foundation Trusts are semi-autonomous bodies not directly accountable to Parliament.

It took years of campaigning to even acknowledge the deaths, neglect and abuse in Staffordshire Foundation Trust, whose public inquiry and insolvency cost the tax payers millions.

Successive governments set target dates for all NHS Trusts to reach Foundation status.

Staffordshire was the ultimate Status that all the expensive management and consultancy aspired to.

Despite Bill Moyes, former NHS Regulator Monitor’s executive chair, urging the NHS in 2014 to reconsider, “whether the model of foundation trusts is sensible”,

He argued,
“If one-third of the hospital system is permanently not demonstrating good viability and good governance, is that telling you something about actually how the system should run as opposed to how we thought it should run?”

But still the NHS went on to…

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