Thank you for such a biting and cogent soliloquy Finola. It exposes the callous disregard for Truth and lays bare the blind pursuit of profit by organs of the State at the expense of its victims. What a flagrant waste of taxpayers money – not in our names!
“I have pondered much on the nature of Truth,
my way having lain in courts of justice,
where men deal in an inferior substitute called “evidence.”
~ A. Lieck, ‘Narrow Waters’ [1937]



What if process ruled

And all were controlled

And all were in secret

And all were enrolled

Means  justified the end

No one trusted a friend

Words were as read

Truth tangled and dead

And all was a market

Where scavengers ate

Hungry for more from an innocent’s plate

The laws were the tools

The public the fools

The ‘us’ made ‘them’

As all became spies

And all lived in fear

Of  all their  own lies

And all were in Hell

But  thought they were wise

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