NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups subsumed into private monopoly providers?

“What now then is the distinction de facto, between the Commissioner and overseer of services- the Clinical Commissioning Groups, and the Foundation Trusts providing the commissioned services ?
What effectively is the function of CCGs?
As it appears they are being surreptitiously merged and subsumed into private service providers allowing self regulation and autonomous service provision.
The eventual goal; a few supersized, too big to fail providers, controlling our public 100 bn pound + budget, whilst accountability falls on NHS England- the tax payer.
An opaque, totalitarian mess, without oversight, riddled with self and conflicts of interests.
Without competition nor patient voice.”



At 69 the NHS is in its last gasps of life.

Silently asset stripped by large corporate multi nations and managers.

And strategic cost cutting is used to streamline services into lucrative cherry picked privatisations.

And at the same time billions are pumped into the NHS as the solution to its woes.

Money used for its more lucrative, privately grabbed ‘services’, like mental health whilst A and E and frontline services remain starved.

So much so, that over 20% of the NHS total spend, is now on mental health but only 7% on GPs, with 7 minutes consultations, herded as salaried GPs into ever larger corporate practices.

All ‘legalised ’under The Health and Social Care Act, on the lie of GPs commissioning the best services for their patients on ’competitive’ tender.

In 2016/17 NHS England transferred £71.9 billion to Clinical Commissioning Groups.

These groups are responsible for the commissioning and delivery of regional…

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