Can Israel see the children of Gaza yet?

“In late 2014, Gazans began to slip into gloomy speculation about the next war. They feared that it would be fought with no pretense of the civilian protections to which every person is entitled.

If they cannot see Gazan children, my colleagues reasoned, can they see civilians at all anymore? Do Israelis still remember that Gazans can be non-combatants? Will they remember that in time, before the next war comes?”

Kia Ora Gaza

‘Either the IDF could see the boys they killed on a Gaza beach, or they couldn’t. Which is more frightening?’ Evacuating wounded from the Israeli missile strike that killed 4 children. July 16, 2014 AFP

By Marilyn Garson  Opinion: Haaretz [Israeli daily], 9 July 2017

Can Israel See the Children of Gaza Yet?

Three years after the Israel – Hamas war, I am still haunted by the Palestinian children killed by Israeli missiles on a Gaza beach near where I lived.

On July 16, 2014, the Israeli navy fired at a fishermen’s jetty on a Gaza City beach. Boys, who had been playing nearby, ran from the explosion. The IDF killed four of them with a second missile. They were cousins, aged 9 – 11, and they were small. Journalists, some of whom had been playing soccer with the boys earlier, watched and filmed from the Al Deira Hotel…

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