The Silence of the APA

“Incompetent Assessment

Standard 9.01a of the APA’s ethics code requires – requires – that psychologists base their diagnostic statements and forensic testimony on “information and techniques sufficient to substantiate their findings,” yet many-many-many court-involved mental health professionals are NOT EVEN ASSESSING for the symptoms of attachment-system suppression, personality disorder traits, and an encapsulated persecutory delusion that are created by the pathogenic parenting of a narcissistic/(borderline) personality parent.

Not even assessing. Yet the APA says nothing.

The silence of the APA is complicit in the ignorant and incompetent assessment of pathology. The APA allows professional incompetence by remaining silent.”

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

“If I were to remain silent, I’d be guilty of complicity” – Albert Einstein

Standard 2.01a of the American Psychological Association’s ethics code requires – requires – professional competence.  Yet profound professional ignorance and incompetence is tolerated in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of parent-child attachment-related pathology surrounding divorce.

At what point does the silence of the American Psychological Association become complicity with professional ignorance and incompetence?

In their silence, the American Psychological Association is tacitly allowing rampant professional ignorance and incompetence in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of attachment-related pathology to go unchecked.

Silence is complicity.

Child Psychological Abuse

Pathogenic parenting: patho=pathology; genic=genesis, creation.  Pathogenic parenting is the creation of significant psychopathology in the child through aberrant and distorted parenting practices.

Pathogenic parenting is an established construct in both developmental and clinical psychology and is most often used in relation to attachment-related pathology, since the attachment system never spontaneously…

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