When will we reach electric car price parity?

“Analysts at UBS took a slightly different approach. They looked at the cost of ownership rather than the cost of manufacturing. That factors in the cost of fuel, insurance and tax, and shows that it will be cheaper for drivers to buy and operate an electric car “from 2018.”

That’s the cost of ownership. Manufacturers will need to wait until 2023 to hit parity – and that’s when EVs become profitable. It looks likely that the first generation of mass market electric cars will be sold at a loss, a necessary step that allows companies to establish themselves in the market.”

Make Wealth History

For several years, the energy world has been waiting for the point at which solar power becomes as cheap as coal power. From this moment of ‘grid parity‘, it makes little sense to keep building fossil fuel generation. Solar power becomes the default option. It’s been predicted for a while, and most of the world has now reached it. We can see the point of transition in headlines like this one: India cancels plans for huge coal power stations as solar energy prices hit record low.

Increases in efficiency and new economies of scale have driven down the price of solar power. A parallel process is underway in battery technology, and we can expect a similar moment of parity in vehicles. At the moment half the cost of an electric car is the battery, but huge advances are being made. As battery costs fall, electric cars will…

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